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OK, so you’ve been the victim of a data leak, and you want to seek compensation for what’s happened. That’s your right to do so, and our specialist Data Leak Lawyers can help you to claim because we’re experts in representing victims for data leaks and hacks.

But, as a data leak victim, we imagine you’re already upset enough that your personal and confidential data has been leaked without your authority. This begs the question then – can you make a data leak claim confidentially?

The good news is that you can.

Firstly, we as a law firm must adhere to strict codes of conduct in terms of protecting your information anyway. But, secondly, and perhaps most importantly for you, we can bring claims confidentially meaning you are not at risk of further breaches.

Normally the Defendant will instruct solicitors who have to adhere to the same (or similar) codes of conduct that we do. On top of that we can ask for their agreement to protect your data and bring any claims that need to be brought confidentially.

Most cases are settled outside of court anyway, but the thing about bringing claims confidentially becomes appropriate if we have to issue court proceedings. If court proceedings are issued, information can then be in the public domain, but we can apply to the courts to keep everything confidential.

This means that names and details of the proceedings can be confidential and are not published anywhere as part of a “closed file” approach.

Is this always the case?

Normally we have to apply to the courts for everything to be confidential, but given the nature of data breach law, they will usually accept this. Any application to the court is made easier with the consent of the opponent which we will typically seek first. Again, there is no reason as to why they should fight us on this point at all, and in our experience, they don’t.

So I am safe to make a data leak claim?

Yes, because the codes of conduct and the provisions of the court allow us to do so, meaning your right to privacy can be secured.

It wouldn’t be much good making a claim for a data breach if your details would then end up in the public domain as a result, of course!

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy.
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