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University of South Wales data incident: more arrests made

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It’s understood that more arrests have been made in relation to the University of South Wales data incident that hit the news a few weeks ago.

There’s limited information about what exactly has happened, other than that an arrest had previously been made as part of ongoing investigations. This month, it’s understood that the police have made two further arrests in connection with the data breach.

Data protection in the education sector is incredibly important. Universities hold a wealth of personal and sensitive information about a large volume of people. It can include medical data and domestic information which is often required as part of meeting students’ individual needs.

Further arrests over University of South Wales data incident

We know that the police have reportedly made further arrests in connection with the University of South Wales data incident.

Two men – one aged 28, and the other aged 29 – are said to have now been released under further investigation. The individual who was arrested last month is also reported to have been released but remains under investigation as well.

A spokesperson for the University said:

“The University of South Wales referred the limited data attack to South Wales Police, and took immediate action to secure its systems. As the incident is subject to an ongoing police investigation, it would not be appropriate to comment further.”

It’s good to know that they were able to secure their systems immediately, although we still don’t yet know the extent of what the breach entails, and how serious it was.

University data breach compensation claims

With the limited information available, we can’t say whether there could be any scope for compensation claims arising from the University of South Wales data incident.

That being said, we’re used to representing people for university data breach compensation claims. One of our group actions that we’re in the process of resolving relates to the Greenwich University incident.

We can offer the usual No Win, No Fee representation for data breach victims, and anyone who has been informed that they’ve been the victim of an incident is welcome to come forward. You can be entitled to claim for any distress caused, with compensation amounts reflecting the distress that the exposure and loss of control of information can cause.

Don’t hesitate to speak to our expert team for free, no-obligation advice. if you have been notified that you have been affected by the University of South Wales data incident, you are welcome to give us a call to discuss if there are nay legal options available for you.

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First published by Author on July 26, 2019
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