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There has been a surge in people signing up to join the BA Group Action lawsuit following this month’s announcement of our appointment to the Steering Committee that’s conducting the litigation.

The hearing at the High Court of Justice on Friday 4th October 2019 resulted in some key victories for the claimants’ side that we’re a part of. Mr Justice Warby gave the go ahead for a Group Litigation Order (GLO) to be formed, allowing all claimants – which could reach up to around 500,000 – to bring their claims together. This can allow for a far more efficient way of managing the cases and fighting the common issues, and we were delighted with our appointment to the Steering Committee as well.

Surge in victims signing up to join the BA Group Action

Since the big news announcement at the start of this month, we’ve seen a surge in new claimants signing up to join the BA Group Action.

We’re still offering No Win, No Fee representation for those who join our claimant group. As a specialist consumer action law firm with a long history of group action and data protection work, we know the importance of access to justice, and protecting our client’s financially; especially when some have already been the victims of fraud.

It’s a quick and easy process to get started. Take a look at the eligibility questions here at the BA Group Action to see if you can claim today.

Key victories

We were successful in ensuring a more adequate timeframe for victims of the 2018 British Airways cyber-attacks to sign-up to join the BA Group Action.

We had raised concerns about the lawyers representing BA potentially wanting a short deadline which could have stopped hundreds of thousands of people claiming.

We were of course very happy to be appointed to the Steering Committee as well, which means that we can remain at the forefront of this landmark battle for justice. We can now continue building on the foundations of the case have against BA for the 2018 cyber-attacks as we look to make sure that the victims whose personal information was exposed receive the justice that they’re entitled to.

How to join the BA Group Action lawsuit

To sign-up to join the join the BA Group Action, all you need to do is go to the website here, complete a few questions, and your case can be set up and started today.

There’s a great deal of work that needs to be done over the coming months, and we recommend that anyone who has yet to start their case does so sooner rather than later.

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First published by Matthew on October 14, 2019
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