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Most people are aware of the No Win, No Fee with it being so prominent in areas of the law like personal injury claims.

Some people are not as aware of their rights when it comes to making a data protection compensation claim on a No Win, No Fee basis as well though. The facts are these: there are a lot of similarities and even crossovers in terms of personal injury and data protection law that can allow us to offer No Win, No Fee arrangements in similar ways.

The law can be more complex and does require Data Leak Lawyers like us who know how to help people properly. So let’s talk No Win, No Fee Data Leak Compensation Claims…

Does No Win, No Fee REALLY mean No Win, NO FEE?

It may sound a bit obvious but it’s a valid question all the same – especially because there are law firms out there who do charge people if a claim loses.

When it comes to our way of doing things, we work on a Genuine No Win, No Fee basis which means that we really can write off all our legal fees if a case doesn’t win. As long as you have kept to your end of the agreement (e.g. cooperating with us reasonably; providing instructions; bringing a real and legitimate claim etc) then we really are happy to write off our fees if the claim loses.

It goes without saying, but if the case is lost because you have brought a fraudulent claim, or lost because of your inaction, then those are the times you will probably not be covered by a No Win, No Fee agreement.

Why do we offer this?

We offer No Win, No Fee arrangements for Data Leak Compensation Claims for two key reasons:

  • If you could be charged for bringing a claim then you may be unable to afford to do so which robs you of your right to access to justice;
  • We only accept a claim on a No Win, No Fee basis if we are at least in some way confident that we can win the case.

We risk assess claims at the outset, so we have a healthy idea as to whether we may be able to win the claim or not. Some cases are harder than others but it at least gives you some confidence that we know what we are doing if we are prepared to act for you on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Isn’t this a risk?

Of course it is – if we lose, nobody pays us!

But it’s a considered risk, and as we are a firm of expert Data Leak Lawyers, we only take on cases on a No Win, No Fee if we are confident there is a good enough chance of winning

This doesn’t mean we only accept the ‘easy’ cases though – it just means we take a considered approach to the risk of a case.

Will I be offered a No Win, No Fee?

The only real way to find out is to call us or enquire with us and we can assess the case and see if we can help you make a No Win, No Fee Data Leak Compensation Claim.

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