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Recruitment agency data breach compensation claims

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With cybercriminals potentially targeting this sector, recruitment agency data breach compensation claims may be on the rise. We’re here to help.

This kind of data breach could lead to a substantial impact on the victim. You must remember that recruitment agencies hold a great deal of information about thousands and thousands of candidates. And many of the big agencies are online, so the numbers can be huge, and the data can be accessible.

When you have a wealth of potentially sensitive information for thousands of people, you can easily become a target for hackers. Employees of recruitment companies must also ensure that they’re complying with the law as well.

Recruitment agency data breach compensation claims

You may be entitled to make a recruitment agency data breach compensation claim if your personal data has been misused or exposed by an agency.

It could be a successful cyberattack that has led to application forms or information being exposed. It could be your CV that has been leaked. It could even be financial information for you if you’re engaging in agency and temporary employment.

And with so much data about so many people, employees of agencies must also make sure they know the law. This is key for things like disclosing information to potential employers and knowing how to handle data safely and securely without the risk of leaks and misuse.

Severe impact for the victims

Recruitment agency data breach compensation pay-outs could be high, depending on the nature of the information that has been misused or exposed.

A breach could reveal a great deal of a person’s history, as well as financial information and personally identifiable data. There may also have been the need for uploading ID documentation for applications as well. There could be passports or driving license information exposed, which can make victims vulnerable to serious crimes.

This kind of data in the wrong hands could be enough for crimes such as identity fraud to take place. Some people may be looking for work without their current employer knowing, and if this is leaked, the distress can be significant.

What can you do as a victim of a recruitment agency data breach?

We may be able to represent you for a recruitment agency data breach compensation claim on a No Win, No Fee basis if you have been the victim of this kind of incident.

This is one of the types of cases that we deal with. As well as the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) being able to impose fines for breaches, we can also ensure that the victims receive the justice that they deserve.

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First published by Matthew on October 17, 2019
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