Serious data breach claims for compensation
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Serious data breach claims for compensation

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Serious data breach claims for compensation require the expertise of a specialist law firm used to helping people in this niche and complex area of law to ensure justice is achieved.

It is important to point this out because we are specialist privacy claims lawyers and we know how to maximise your claim for compensation to ensure fair justice is achieved. This is vitally important in an age where the law in respect of data breach claiming is still evolving. The last thing you want is to instruct the wrong law firm for a case like this and lose out on the justice that you are entitled to.

What are serious data breach claims?

Generally speaking, serious data breach claims are legal cases pursuing compensation where particularly private and sensitive information has been misused or exposed. These cases are usually classed as serious because the impact on the victim can be substantial, and it is all about how the victim is impacted in terms of how we measure the severity of the case.

Most serious data breach claims for compensation involve medical information or sensitive domestic data being misused or exposed. A really easy example is that of the 56 Dean Street Clinic Leak that we have represented people for where their HIV status was leaked to hundreds of other people. This kind of medical information is, understandably, the exact kind of data that we want to keep completely confidential and private. Unfortunately, victims in this particular case lost control of their information due to an email leak that disclosed their personal information.

To give you an example of a particularly serious domestic information data breach, we can talk about our history representing victims in domestic abuse cases. There are situations where the identity – or at least the location – of a victim must be kept confidential from an abuser. If their location or identity is exposed, this could result in the abuser finding their victim and engaging in further domestic abuse. We have represented people whose identities have been exposed in a data breach, where perpetrators have then re-engaged in stalking and harassment. This can have a significant impact on the person affected and shows why even simple contact details being leaked can have serious consequences on the victim.

We will generally consider a claim based on the nature of the information that has been breached, how much is involved, and who it has been exposed to (or misused by). In the context of the information in the breach, we can then consider how this has affected the victim to allow us to pursue a case for compensation.

Why expertise really matters

Experience and expertise really matter when it comes to pursuing serious data breach claims for compensation. Your Lawyers – the Data Leak Lawyers – have been fighting for justice for privacy victims for almost a decade, and we have recovered over £1m in data breach damages for mostly individual victims to date. Our average settlement is just over £6,000, and there are very good reasons as to why we point this out.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, some law firms have jumped into representing people for data breach cases whilst lacking the necessary experience and understanding of the work they were undertaking. As a result of this, victims have settled cheaply for low amounts when they could have been entitled to much more had they have instructed a specialist in this niche and complex area of law. We understand that other firms have settled cases for a quarter of the kinds of damages we will pursue for them. Real justice means using the law to pursue the fair and maximum amount that a victim can be entitled to, so you need to make sure that you have the experts on your side.

In serious data breach claims for compensation, this is even more important. A data breach claim could be worth thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of pounds depending on the nature of the impact and loss that is being suffered. The last thing you want is to lose out on substantial sums of money because the law firm you instructed was unable to properly fight for your right to justice.

We feel that our experience speaks for itself, and you can read more about us here.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy

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