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A victim of a social care data breach can benefit from our No Win, No Fee guarantees when a claim for compensation is made with our expert representation.

When it comes to individual legal cases, we help a lot of people with data breaches that involve social services, or that have stemmed from a particular social worker. It’s usually the council and local authorities that deal with cases as many aspects of social services falls within their area of control.

We know from years of experience that these kinds of cases can have a devastating impact on the victim. Data breach compensation values are usually based on the severity of the impact on the victim and, in these claims, the pay-outs can be high.

Claim for a social care data breach

If you’re the victim of a social care data breach incident, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Whether your information has been exposed or misused, you may have a case. A claim can be for the distress that’s caused as a result of the loss of control of your private information, and we know in social services cases that this information can be very sensitive.

Some examples of scenarios where you may have a valid case can include:

  • Private information being disclosed by social services or a social worker without your consent;
  • Data leaked by way of an email or by post;
  • A cyberattack that leads to the exposure of information;
  • Social care records being “snooped” on – or otherwise used or accessed without appropriate authority or reason to do so.

It could be that a social care file has been exposed or lost, or it could be specific information that social services has about you that has been leaked. Ultimately, if any information about you that’s in their control has been exposed or misused, you may have a case.

What you can claim for

The impact of a social care data breach can be substantial for the victim. The kind of information that they’re storing and processing can be incredibly personal and sensitive. If exposed or misused, the distress for the victim can be understandably significant.

It could be that the victims are vulnerable young children or vulnerable adults. It may be that just one piece of misused information could have significant safeguarding consequences or may exacerbate already sensitive domestic situations.

There are so many ways that exposed or misused social services data can cause problems, and the scale of the impact can be wide. Generally speaking, the more a victim suffers, the more a claim could be worth. As such, we do ensure that the full impact on the victim is accounted for, and this helps us when we look at compensation amounts for victims.

Free, no-obligation advice

If you have been the victim of a social care data breach, you could be entitled to make a claim for data breach compensation.

To find out if you may have a case that we can take forward, you can speak to our team today for free, no-obligation advice. We can assure you that your enquiry will be treated confidentially, and it’s your choice as to whether you go ahead with a case or not when we have confirmed if we can help you.

As a specialist firm of data breach lawyers that have been fighting for victims’ rights specifically in this niche and complex area of law for the last five years, we can help you. Our lawyers and legal team have decades of experience in complex and serious litigations, and we’re now involved with over 30 different group and multi-party data actions.

For you, this is an assurance that we – as a leading consumer action and data breach compensation law firm – have the expertise and specialism to represent you.

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