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car hacking
June 05, 2018

Self-driving cars and the cybersecurity risks and data breach risks they pose

Self-driving cars and the cybersecurity risks and the data breach risks they pose: an unanswered question…

Thieves can already break into cars by hacking remote-entry / keyless entry systems, and security researchers have proven before that the onboard computers of cars can also be hacked, leaving them free to control various parts of a vehicle.

As we move – at speed – toward self-driving cars and lorries being on our roads very soon, the issue of self-driving cars and the cybersecurity risks / data breach risks they pose must be addressed; especially with Tesla – one of the pioneers of self-driving cars – previously being hacked themselves!

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car hacking
May 09, 2018

If Tesla can be hacked, how safe are self-driving cars?

If Tesla can be hacked, how safe are self-driving cars?

There are already major concerns over whether self-driving vehicles are safe, given that computers can make mistakes that humans may otherwise be able to prevent or correct. There have been a number of incidents already involving self-driving car collisions, but to add another perspective to this issue, what about self-driving cars being hacked?

Tesla was subject to a data breach recently, so how safe will self-driving cars be in terms of cybersecurity?

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driverless vehicles hacking fears
February 01, 2018

Carmakers are struggling to quash hacking fears over self-driving cars

It’s no secret that many carmakers are racing ahead with self-driving car technology. Since Tesla brought the futuristic dream into reality, many other companies have quickly followed suit.

Here in the U.K., we have seen government approval for the creation and testing of these autonomous cars on our motorways in a bid to be at the forefront of this new and innovative technology. However, there is still one major hurdle – aside from robot cars crashing due to mistakes that cannot be rectified by anything other than human reaction – and that’s hacking fears.
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car hacking
October 11, 2017

Security flaw leaves cars vulnerable to being hacked

Researchers say they’ve discovered a security flaw that can affect any vehicle featuring “controller area network” systems – AKA a “CAN bus” – which is basically the network that interconnects components in a car. The “CAN bus” interconnects things like parking assist features, electric windows, and engine control units.

Researchers say hackers can access the connection and bombard it with error messages until the system shuts down to protect its other components. An attacker can therefore theoretically switch off safety features like airbags, ABS brakes, power steering or perhaps even lock someone out of their car.
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