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Carmakers are struggling to quash hacking fears over self-driving cars

driverless vehicles hacking fears

It’s no secret that many carmakers are racing ahead with self-driving car technology. Since Tesla brought the futuristic dream into reality, many other companies have quickly followed suit.

Here in the U.K., we have seen government approval for the creation and testing of these autonomous cars on our motorways in a bid to be at the forefront of this new and innovative technology. However, there is still one major hurdle – aside from robot cars crashing due to mistakes that cannot be rectified by anything other than human reaction – and that’s hacking fears.
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Volkswagen vulnerable to key hacking

As if Volkswagen haven’t already been in hot water enough because of the emissions scandal, it has now been discovered that millions of Volkswagen vehicles are reportedly prone to theft by hacking.

This is because the keyless entry system can reportedly be hacked, with vehicles that have been sold since 1995 being at risk.
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