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DARPA launches Cyber Grand Challenge for next generation software

cyber grand challenge

The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an investor in breakthrough technologies, looks set on its next great Cyber Grand Challenge of developing software that is able to spot and protect vulnerabilities in programmes before hackers are even aware they are there.

Due to the complexity of modern software, and given there is a need for quick fixes as more and more devices are connected to the internet become available, all of these devices will be used in vast quantities will not be able to have a sufficient defences against threats. This is the Cyber Grand Challenge that DARPA is taking on – to stop hackers in their tracks before vulnerabilities even come to light!
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Computer viruses found in German nuclear power plant

Now there’s a headline that fills me with dread; the thought of a computer virus inside a nuclear power plant!

We all know how valuable nuclear power can be, but we also know how dangerous it can be if a plant was to suffer some form of catastrophic failure, and with practically everything these days governed by computers, it’s a worry to hear that a nuclear power plant could have computer viruses.

Simple viruses can shut down PC’s; turn off fans; overload servers; all sorts…
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