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Stolen card data advertised on Facebook


Stolen card data is reportedly being advertised on Facebook, as well as login information for popular sites like Netflix and Amazon.

There are said to be hundreds of Facebook groups being used to sell on stolen information, which puts one heck of a twist on the development of the Facebook marketplace and the company’s efforts to be a more commercial platform for users.

Over a hundred Facebook groups with hundreds of thousands of members have apparently been identified by security researchers who say that the groups are dedicated to hacking, fraud and money laundering, with some of the groups having been active for almost a decade.

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How scammers used Facebook’s phone number and email address search facility


Facebook has been all over the news lately over the data breach scandal involving data being skimmed by Cambridge Analytica. Since news first broke of the scandal, Facebook has been under heavy fire over their data privacy policies, as well as how they use people’s data and how it is shared.

In the latest, it can now be assumed that every Facebook user has had their data improperly shared. But, another issue is the questionable Facebook phone number search facility that has, reportedly, been used by scammers who are abusing the facility for their own gain.

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