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YouTube accused of illegally collecting children’s data

youtube accused of collecting kids' data

YouTube has been accused of illegally collecting children’s data by Consumer Rights groups who have filed a legal complaint against them.

The Google-owned video and music platform is supposed to be for persons aged 13 and older, yet studies indicate that it’s most popular with children aged between 8 and 12.

According to the concerns raised and the complaints filed, YouTube is illegally collecting the data without parental consent, and they know that they’re doing it; raising fear that they’re in breach of data protection legislation.
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U.K. consumer group sues Google for reportedly violating iPhone users’ privacy

google you owe us

Google is being sued for allegedly violating five million iPhone users’ data protection and privacy rights by collecting personal data without authorisation in 2011 and 2012.

The adeptly named group, Google You Owe Us, believes that Google owes each of the five million consumers hundreds of pounds.

The organisation alleges that Alphabet Inc, the conglomerate parent company of Google, unlawfully collected iPhone users’ personal information by bypassing¬† smartphones default privacy settings.
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