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The PageUp data breach affecting millions worldwide

online company fined

The PageUp data breach affecting millions worldwide was another ‘here we go again’ moment as the mega breach, affecting a number of people throughout several countries, hit the news.

The Australian-based provider of cloud HR and recruitment software that’s used in almost 200 countries, including the UK, had its systems breached in May. We’ve already been approached for help and are taking compensation claims forward for UK victims.

Personal information, banking information and passwords are thought to have been potentially exposed in the PageUp data breach.

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UK Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) hit by cyber-attack

ukad suffers cyber attack

The UK Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) was hit by a cyber-attack at the end of March. The agency holds a wealth of data about thousands of professional footballers and Olympic athletes for anti-doping monitoring and compliance.

The data they hold includes medical records and drugs that are used by athletes in accordance with exemption rules.

In 2016, the World Anti-Doping Agency was the subject to a cyber espionage leak that released the classified medical records and drug testing documentation for high-profile athletes, which included drugs used under exemption rules.
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