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‘Reaper’ Botnet the latest threat to internet-connected devices

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Warnings over a new hacking botnet called ‘Reaper‘ have been issued. It has been identified as the latest major cybersecurity risk to devices connected to the internet, and first emerged in October 2017.

Cybersecurity company Check Point reports that over a million internet connected devices have already been infected, and it doesn’t look like the botnet will be stopped anytime soon. They warn “our research suggests we are now experiencing the calm before an even more powerful storm. The next cyber hurricane is about to come.”
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IoT (Internet of Things) devices still vulnerable to cyber-attacks

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Over the years, technology has been expanding and digital devices are on the upward trend. The idea of connecting a device to every aspect of the home or office for instance has been appealing to many.

Technology enthusiasts have coined the name Internet of Things (IoT) for these kinds of devices which are connected to the internet allowing them to correspond with each other… An example of this would be telling your device to switch the light on or off.
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