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Equifax data breach fraud trends

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It’s understood there have been cases of Equifax data breach fraud committed, perhaps, as a direct result of the breach itself.

Tech company, Forte, produced some stats that indicate some alarming figures in the wake of the Equifax data breach. The data can be interpreted as a possible spike in some fraud incidents after the Equifax data breach took place, which wouldn’t surprise us given the scale and nature of this monumental attack.

It’s another sign that we ought to be far more concerned with regards to data breaches than many people are.

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Is mobile phone data protection lagging behind?

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There are suggestions that mobile phone data protection is lagging behind as a result of security immaturity and attitudes toward mobile safety.

The smartphone industry in particular has grown exponentially in recent years, and with more than half of the internet’s traffic thought to be on mobile devices, and with mobile apps springing up all the time, some experts are concerned at the lack of maturity mobile phone data protection has when compared to desktop protection.

Does security and attitudes need to change?

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Mobile working data breach worries

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As remote working continues to grow in popularity, adding massive flexibility for organisations, mobile working data breach worries are not being properly addressed.

According to a recent study, almost all (95pc) of businesses still struggle to secure mobile working, leaving both employees and the organisation on the whole at risk of mobile working data breaches. The study also said that one-third of businesses have suffered a data breach or a data loss as a result of mobile working, with one-in-five suggesting that mobile workers themselves simply don’t care about security. This is particularly shocking.

The information gleaned from this study is hugely concerning.

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Over 1 million Google accounts reportedly hacked

According to recent reports, cyber-hackers have had access to over one million Google accounts since August.

The cyber-hackers had unauthorised access to the accounts by installing malware software onto Android devices, therefore infecting Google accounts.

Very scary stuff!
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