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SITA data breach affects airline passengers across the globe

British Airways data breach claims

Another travel industry data breach has recently hit the headlines, with the popular airline IT provider SITA suffering a monumental cyberattack. The SITA data breach is thought to have exposed information belonging to hundreds of thousands of passengers.

Among the affected airlines are those owned by Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline group, and British Airways is also affected. Some of the thousands of clients that we represent for the 2018 BA data breaches have already come forward for our assistance.

The travel industry has been plagued by data breaches, with companies such as Marriott and easyJet falling prey to significant hacks in recent years. The wealth of information that is held by airlines and travel companies makes them prime targets for cybercriminals, and the effects can be devastating for those affected.

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British Airways cyber breach was not the first of its kind


The British Airways cyber breach was not the first of its kind in the travel sector, nor was it the first breach British Airways have suffered themselves.

The travel sector is a popular target for criminals to hit as there’s a wealth of information that can be stolen; and money to steal as well. This fact alone ought to have been enough of a warning for British Airways to take more care of their customers’ information, yet they were still hacked (again).

We’ve launched a legal action for victims who want to claim compensation as a result of the British Airways cyber breach. you can find out more information about the legal case here.

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