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Webcam flaws allow people to peer into other people’s lives!

We all know our daily lives are being monitored in this day and age, it’s something we have come to accept. CCTV is on just about every corner, especially in busy cities and town centres.

Then we have internet security cameras in offices and homes as well nowadays, but many of these are unprotected and may be vulnerable to hackers. A bit of knowledge could allow a person to hack in to the stream of a webcam and watch the unsuspecting victims when we’re at our most private and vulnerable…
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Hacked webcam live streams 8 year old girl’s bedroom online

A mother in Houston, Texas, was unaware that the private webcam in her two eight year old daughter’s room, that was intended to keep an eye on the girls, had been hacked.

Live footage of the two girls was being streamed online for anyone to view.

The live stream had been online for thousands to view since July. It was only when another mother came across the feed and created a Facebook group for Houston mothers with screen shots of the girl’s bedroom online in order to find the mother.
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