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TalkTalk data hack pair jailed

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A pair or friends from Tamworth who got involved in the massive 2015 TalkTalk data hack have been jailed.

The TalkTalk data hack is a legal action we’re involved in as we fight for the rights of victims affected by the incident.

23-year-old Matthew Hanley was jailed for 12 months having admitted to hacking the website between 18th October and 22nd October 2015. He reportedly handed data over for hacking to another person, and handed financial information to 21-year-old Connor Allsopp. Allsopp was jailed for eight months and admitted to supplying stolen customer data to another person for fraud.

Was the sentencing enough for justice in the TalkTalk data hack?

A combined sentence for the pair of 30 months for their involvement in the TalkTalk data hack seems small. With over 150,000 people affected by the hack, and the incident costing TalkTalk something like £77m so far, their jail terms don’t seem like a lot.

That being said, the real way to make sure justice is obtained for the victims lies with the punishments for the organisations involved. TalkTalk has already been fined by the ICO for the fact that the hack happened in the first place. It seems quite clear to us that systems capable of being hacked into by such young individuals aren’t secure enough.

But what about the victims?

What can victims of the TalkTalk data hack do?

We’re already pursuing a legal action for victims of the TalkTalk data hack. We have spent a number of years advising individuals about their rights. This includes people who have been successfully targeted by criminals who were contacted by criminals pretending to be TalkTalk. Because the criminals had details of their real accounts, including complaints information we were informed, they were successful in stealing money from the victims.

The TalkTalk data hack was a clear example of how dangerous a little information can be in the wrong hands. People can be exploited and fall victim to fraud and scams that can cost people thousands of pounds.

What we want to do is right the wrongs for data breach victims, like those affected by the TalkTalk data hack. That’s why we have been pursuing compensation claims for a number of years on behalf of victims.

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First published by Matthew on December 06, 2018
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