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The BA data breach compensation case just got bigger

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The news hit last week that the BA data breach compensation just got potentially way bigger than it already was.

IAG, owners of the UK’s biggest airline British Airways, has admitted that a further 185,000 people may have had their data exposed. Last year’s BA data breach was already a monumental incident. It may have just got way bigger, opening the door for way more claims for compensation.

Emails have been sent last week to more potential victims of the BA data breach. This has triggered a new wave of Claimants approaching us for help and advice.

BA data breach compensation action set to grow

The BA data breach compensation is set to grow as news of a further 185,000 people being affected has hit the press.

It’s understood that people who made reward bookings with a payment card between April and July 2018 may also be affected. This is in addition to those affected by the original breach period.

BA say that they’re not yet sure whether the additional customers they have contacted are definitely affected. The phrase “there’s no smoke without fire” would suggest to us that they believe their data has been compromised.

Fresh wave of Claimants set to sign-up for BA data breach compensation

There may be a fresh wave of new Claimants signing-up for BA data breach compensation. Customers have received emails that state the following:

“(following further investigations) I am writing to let you know that you may have been affected by the data theft, when you made a reward booking between 21 April and 28 July 2018.

While we do not have conclusive evidence that the data was removed from British Airways’ systems, it is possible your personal data may have been compromised. This includes your full name, billing address, email address and payment card number, expiry date and CVV. As a precaution we recommend you contact your bank or card provider and follow their advice.

We are very sorry that this criminal activity has occurred. We’ll reimburse our customers who have suffered financial losses as a direct result of the theft of their payment card details.”

Our BA data breach compensation action

You can sign-up for BA data breach compensation if you were affected by the original breach period, or if you’ve been notified of the additional breach.

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First published by Matthew on October 29, 2018
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