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The Marriott data breach UK action for compensation may grow as revelations about unencrypted passport numbers being exposed hit the media.

We know there were some 500m records reportedly exposed in the huge Marriot data breach. As investigations into the breach continue, more information has come to light about the extent and the nature of the data that was exposed.

Some of the information potentially compromised in the breach could leave people at an imminent risk of fraudulent activity.

Developments in the Marriott data breach UK action

The latest developments that may be relevant for the Marriott data breach UK legal action concerns the nature of the data that may have been exposed.

We knew that data on the Starwood database is the information that had been compromised. Now, further investigations have shed light on the extent and the nature of the data that has been thought to have been exposed in some case.

As well as the approximate 8.6m payment cards information being exposed, some 5.25m unencrypted passport numbers were also reportedly exposed.

20.3m additional passport numbers that were understood to have been encrypted were also exposed.

The over 5 million unencrypted passport numbers is the biggest concern. That’s personal and sensitive data that could be used by criminals to engage in fraudulent activity.

This is in addition to what we already know about names and personal contact information being exposed as well

What does this mean for Marriott data breach UK claims?

The new developments are important to consider for any Marriott data breach UK compensation claims that are going forward.

Any victim of the Marriott data breach that has had something as personal and sensitive as their passport number exposed could be entitled to claim data breach compensation.

Victims of the breach itself may be able to claim. However, when we look at how we value claims, we often account for things like the nature of the data that has been exposed. In cases where more personal and more sensitive data has been exposed, the value of the claim could be higher. For the 5.25m whose passports numbers may have been exposed, this is important.

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First published by Matthew on January 15, 2019
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