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Data security provider WinMagic conducted a study that found one in four IT managers attempt to stop a data breach every single day and that almost half of all employees believed that IT security was solely the responsibility of the IT department. Only 37% believe they play a role in IT security – two very alarming statistics.

The study found that a quarter of IT managers believe that, whilst hackers are the biggest security risk to organisations, the next biggest security risk was in fact employees. This is further enforced by the report that found a third of IT managers only want certain employees that have been given clearance to use personal devices.

This is not surprising when 17% of employees admit that they would open an attachment from an unknown sender.

However, a fifth of IT managers actually want to empower their employees. They want to allow them access to use personal devices.

WinMagic Enterprise director for EMEA Andreas Jenson says that:

“Encryption itself can be complex and open to human error. IT managers must recognise this and ensure they have the processes and tools in place to facilitate effective encryption across the entire device estate.

Devices change and move as much as the data itself and encryption in not a tick box task, by using automation and effective tools, businesses can ensure that the last line of defence from hackers and human error, is robust and minimises the chance and impact on a data breach.”

The vast majority of decision makers believed that a digital transformation needed to happen, but there was a lack of knowing how to do it. Until then, it could be that IT managers will continue to thwart data breaches each day as a primary first and last line of defence.

Can I claim?

If you have suffered a data breach then you could be entitled to compensation. You do not always have to have financially or psychologically suffered in order to make a claim; the fact that a data breach has happened can sometimes be enough to make a claim. In many instances though it is about the level of distress caused.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds can be claimed in compensation if you have suffered a data breach and if you have been the victim of a data breach we urge you to get in contact if you think you have a claim – we may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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First published by Author on August 04, 2016
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