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Ticketmaster cyber attack may just be the beginning

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The recent Ticketmaster cyber attack we’ve launched an action for may just be the beginning as hackers are reportedly ready to attack again.

The Ticketmaster cyber attack was successful because the hackers were able to install malicious code into third-party software that Ticketmaster were using as part of their payment process. Inbenta, the authors of the code, say they didn’t know Ticketmaster were using their code for this purpose, and had they have known, they say they would have recommended against it on the grounds of security issues.

The growing trend of hackers looking to attack third-party code means the huge Ticketmaster cyber attack may well be just the beginning.

Ticketmaster cyber attack could be a precedent

Unfortunately, the Ticketmaster cyber attack may well be the precedent as hackers are reportedly looking to exploit weaknesses in third-party software in the same way they did in the Ticketmaster data breach incident.

In fact, sources suggest that it’s already happened, with breaches identified in a number of third-party providers such as Annex Cloud; CMS Clarity Connect; PushAssist; and SocialPlus.

Given that Ticketmaster should not have even been using the code that was hacked at the time of the breach, how many other online retailers out there are using similar software with no real understanding or idea of the risk they’re putting their customers at?

Risks of the Ticketmaster cyber attack cannot be ignored

We cannot ignore the risks posed by the Ticketmaster cyber attack, nor can we rest on our laurels when it comes to the continued risks of hackers exploiting vulnerable third-party software.

Underestimating the risks and the impact of these breaches is often a habit of organisations who find themselves at the centre of data breaches and data leaks. The new GDPR that came into force in May this year should hopefully help to stamp this out, but it may be too late if hackers have already exploited vulnerabilities that have existed for a long time.

Hackers are always looking at new and easier ways to exploit their targets, and this should always be in the forefront of organisations’ minds.

Ticketmaster cyber attack compensation advice

If you need advice about your rights to claim for data breach compensation as a victim of the Ticketmaster cyber attack, please contact our team as soon as you can as we’ve already launched an action on behalf of a growing group of people affected.

We’re confident we can win the action because we believe the Ticketmaster data breach was preventable.

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First published by Author on August 31, 2018
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