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You may have heard about the We-vibe app class action in the U.S., where the makers of the sex toy have been ordered to pay millions in compensation.

In the U.K., we’ve been running our own legal action since news of the data breach hit the headlines a few years ago. This is one of the dozens of different data breach actions our lawyers are fighting for justice in, and we act for a large group of victims claiming data breach compensation as a victim of the We-vibe app breach.

Although we’ve been acting for people for a number of years, it’s not too late to join the action if you’ve yet to sign up. In the U.K., the case is at a different stage to that of the U.S.

Latest for a U.K. We-vibe app class action

In the U.K., a formal We-vibe app class action is yet to be established. We normally follow the route of a class action (or Group Action / Group Litigation Order / GLO as it’s commonly known here) as a last resort. In the U.S., they’re often quick to simply set up a class case instead.

If you’ve yet to start a claim, you can see this as good news. A class action or a GLO in the U.K. will normally lead to a court-imposed cut-off date to join. Because we haven’t got one formally set up, you’re still in time to claim.

It’s not a bad thing that a class action hasn’t been formally established yet. We’re often encouraged here to settle cases outside of court, so we’ll keep pursuing and look to obtain settlements without the need to use court time.

Joining the compensation claim with us

It’s easy to start your compensation claim with us to secure your place in any future We-vibe app class action that stems from the data breach.

Unlike what some other firms sometimes do, we’re not just registering information for a potential claim or a potential action in the future. That kind of thing happens a lot, but we’re more of the view that claims should be actively pursued.

That’s why we’re offering formal legal representation for claims. Not only that, we’re offering our services on a No Win, No Fee basis for those who qualify for a data breach compensation claim with us.

You can read more about our claim and the We-vibe data breach compensation action on our advice page here.

We will look to settle claims out of court. If we can’t, a We-vibe app class action can then be established here as well. To secure your place in the action, make sure you get in touch with the team for free, no-obligation advice as soon as you can.

All of our initial advice is free and on a no-obligation basis. We’re used to dealing with sensitive data breach actions, so confidentiality is also assured.

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