When a data breach compromises data privacy – what to do
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When a data breach compromises data privacy – what to do

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In a consumerist, digital world, companies are constantly acquiring consumers’ personal information, whether it’s for the purpose of fulfilling purchases and orders, tracking website use, or guiding advertising strategy. To maintain the privacy of such data, all businesses and other organisations are obliged to comply with data protection law. When a company data breach compromises data privacy, the repercussions can be severe.

On one level, a data breach can severely affect the breached company’s reputation, with reports of the incident often prompting distrust among investors and consumers. However, most significantly, data security incidents can put consumers in situations of potentially severe distress and privacy risks. Where the negligence of data protection law caused personal data to be exposed, those affected may have a right to claim compensation.

As leading specialists in data breach claims, we can help victims of data breaches to recover the compensation they deserve. With our bespoke advice and wide-ranging expertise, we can assess your case and ensure that you receive the highest possible pay-out for your claim

Data breach compromises data – how do data breaches occur?

When a data breach compromises data privacy, it can occur due to a variety of causes. Often, even minor human errors can bring about data breaches; simple mistakes such as sending emails or letters to the wrong recipients or failing to redact private information before making an online publication can be capable of causing severe data exposure.

Also, a cybersecurity data breach compromises data severely in some cases. While cyberattacks or breaches by unauthorised users can lead to mass data exposure, it is often existing vulnerabilities that can pave the way for such attacks. For example, it could be argued that both the Equifax and Virgin Media data breaches were allowed to occur due to neglected vulnerabilities that should have been identified by the companies, as these holes in their defences enabled unauthorised users to breach their systems and access personal data.

How do data breach claims work?

If a data breach compromises data privacy for the victims, they have every right to make a claim for compensation. As long as the way in which data has been compromised breaks data protection law, you could be eligible to claim.

The GDPR also can allow victims to recover compensation both for the distress they have suffered as a result of a data breach, as well as for any financial losses that might have arisen in cases where fraudsters have misused the victims’ data. You can just claim for distress, so do not be put off if you have not lost out financially.

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As leading specialists in data protection claims, we want to empower as many victims as possible to claim the compensation they deserve. Widening access to justice is a cause that is important to us, which is why we can offer No Win, No Fee legal representation to eligible claimants. This means, for eligible clients, you do not have to pay any upfront costs and, if the claim is unsuccessful, you do not have to pay our legal fees. All we ask is that you comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement in place!

We currently have a number of group and multi-party actions live, including pursuing British Airways, Equifax and Virgin Media compensation cases. If you have been affected by any if these data breaches, you could be eligible to join one of these group actions today. Alternatively, if you which to make an enquiry about another case, please do not hesitate to contact us for free, no-obligation advice now.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy

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