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Your Lawyers see surge in sign-ups for Virgin Media data breach claims

900,000 Virgin Media customers had their data exposed during a breach which took place between April 2019 and 28th February 2020.

If you've been notified by Virgin Media that your data was exposed during the breach incident, then you could be entitled to claim thousands of pounds in compensation from Virgin Media with our NO WIN, NO FEE representation.

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Please retain a copy of the notification as proof of receipt.

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If you believe you have been affected, please:

  1. Check your spam/junk folder for the email; or
  2. Call Virgin Media on 0800 052 2621; or
  3. Make a Subject Access Request.

To verify whether or not you have been affected!

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There has been an expected surge in sign-ups for Virgin Media data breach claims on Friday and over the weekend as the Your Lawyers compensation action featured in the news.

We’ve been in contact with huge numbers of people asking for our help and starting their claim immediately using the Virgin Media Data Breach Group Action website here. We set the site up to make it easy for people to start a No Win, No Fee case without delay, and we’re open on most weekends for our clients to speak to as well.

If you’ve yet to start your case, you can do so now here. For a little more information about the compensation action, read on.

No Win, No Fee Virgin Media data breach claims

For those placing their Virgin Media data breach claims with our specialist team, we’re offering No Win, No Fee representation.

We’re doing this because we believe in access to justice. We don’t think it would be fair if our clients had to pay our legal fees if a case doesn’t win, which is why we’re happy to write them off, subject to the terms and conditions, of course. We also believe that we can win the action, which is another reason we’re offering No Win, No Fee agreements. It means that you know that we’re confident in succeeding with the claims.

Victims who have received notification that their data has been exposed in the breach could be entitled to compensation for the distress caused by the loss of control of personal information. We can also look at claims for reasonable losses and expenses as well, if applicable. We know that at least one unknown third-party has accessed the data that was exposed between April 2019 and February 2020. It remains to be seen as to what, if anything, this third-party may do with the data.

Start your Virgin Media data breach compensation claim now

We’ve set up the specialist website here for victims to start their Virgin Media data breach claims quickly and easily.

We’ve already been in touch with Virgin Media and we’ve already launched our compensation action. We’ve been representing victims since news of the breach broke, and we’ve seen a substantial surge in sign-ups for new cases following our media coverage last week.

As long as you’ve received notification that you’re affected, you should be eligible to join the action now. Victims have received emails and texts to notify them that their data may have been exposed.

About Your Lawyers

Your Lawyers is a leading consumer action and data breach compensation law firm representing victims for Virgin Media data breach claims.

The firm also represents thousands of other clients in over 35 different data group and multi-party actions, has Steering Committee appointments, and acts for individual Claimants as well. In October 2019, Your Lawyers was appointed to the Steering Committee for the first GDPR Group Litigation Order (GLO) case in England and Wales, the British Airways data breach action.

Your Lawyers firmly believe in access to justice for all, which is why cases and actions are taken forward on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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