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One in Three admit to sticking tape over webcams, is there such a thing as being “too cautious” about online security?

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Studies have revealed that around one in three people will obscure their laptop webcam with the fear of the camera being hacked or being used to watch you.

To be fair, I do it!

The study has shown that around a third of people are inclined to use a bit of tape, or bluetac, or something similar to block the view of the webcam in the worry that someone could be accessing it without their knowledge, and it begs the question: is there such a thing as being “too cautious” when it comes to online security?

With the amount of information that organisations hold both on servers internally and on the web, I really don’t think you can be “too cautious” at all.

It’s easy to click a bad link or accidentally sign up to the wrong thing when using the web, and it can lead to a whole host of problems, including identity theft and fraud; both of which are very serious and have significant consequences for victims.

Thousands of pounds in savings could be stolen from your online bank account, or loans and financial products could be taken out in your name – both scenarios are equally as terrifying. The result is being left losing thousands of pounds which most people can’t afford at the best of times, let alone in the midst of the ongoing recession.

So, in my view, you can’t be too careful when it comes to online security, and as a firm of Data Leak Lawyers who represent individuals making compensation claims against organisations who have leaked data, it can be frightening to see how easy it is for your personal, financial, medical, and / or sensitive data to fall in to the wrong hands.

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First published by Author on June 02, 2016
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