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When I woke up the other day and checked my Hotmail account to find I’d been flooded with a load of spam emails, I thought “oh great, some idiot has signed my account up to something” – but it turns out it’s not that at all.

Apparently Microsoft is having some issues with its email filters, and the result has been a tirade of spam mails that’s caused a great deal of annoyance for those affected.

Social media exploded with plenty of tweets from angry users who had been receiving loads of spam and junk emails, with one tweeter saying “Getting a spam/junk email about every minute into my main inbox” and another saying they were “drowning in junk mail.”

Microsoft made a statement earlier in the week to say that a service upgrade was being initiated to resolve the issue. They addressed that: “Some users may be receiving excessive spam mail.

So make sure you don’t click on any Hotmail account spam links claiming you’ve won a prize or you’re set to become a billionaire!

The cause of the issue has not been disclosed.

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First published by Author on June 03, 2016
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