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380,000 payment cards expposed in British Airways data breach

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British Airways data breach

This is a huge breach. Some 380,000 payment card details have been exposed in the British Airways data breach that was revealed yesterday.


Customers are being notified if they’re affected, and our Data Leak Lawyers are on the case to advise anyone who has been affected. Any data breach involving credit and debit cards being compromised – which is the case in the British Airways data breach – can put victims at an immediate risk of fraud.

Since British Airways started outsourcing IT operations, a number of issues and incidents have reportedly occurred, although it’s not yet known whether there’s a link between the outsourcing and the data theft revealed yesterday.

British Airways data breach a very serious breach

The British Airways data breach is an incredibly serious data breach given that customers’ payment card details have been compromised.

Victims are at immediate risk of fraudulent crimes.

Victims of the breach are being urged to contact their banks for assistance, and some people may be required to cancel debit and credit cards for security. Victims will need to keep a close eye on their finances, which can be made harder with the likes of credit-monitoring firm, Equifax, being hacked last year.

38,000 payment card details being compromised is huge, and although we don’t yet know the cause of the breach, we need to ask whether more could – and should – have been done to have prevented this breach. When we’re talking about payment information and tens of thousands of victims, security breaches should not be an eventuality.

Investigations have commenced into the British Airways data breach

Investigations into the British Airways data breach have already been initiated by the company, the police and the Information Commissioner’s office (ICO), who have been informed.

It’s understood that it’s the app that may have been compromised. The security of apps has been a hot topic of late, with security researchers suggesting that there are a huge number of apps that simply aren’t secure enough to protect users from data breaches.

Will there be a GDPR fine for the British Airways data breach?

There will probably be a GDPR fine for the British Airways data breach, and it could be massive.

With the potential for fines equating to 4% of the company’s annual turnover, we could be looking at an estimated £500,000,000.00 (five-hundred million), according to some sources.

Have you been affected by the British Airways data breach?

If you’ve been affected by the British Airways data breach, you may be eligible to claim for data breach compensation.

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