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BA data theft compensation action launched

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We’ve launched our compensation action for the BA data theft that was revealed last week; affecting as many as 380,000 customers around the world.

We’re already fighting in over 20 different data breach compensation actions, and we’ve initiated an action for the BA data theft on behalf of victims who have approached us for help.

This is a monumental breach that could see the UK airliner hit with a £500m fine for breaching GDPR that came into force in May this year. Victims of the data theft are entitled to join our action for compensation now in addition to any fines and penalties issued for breaches of the law.

Compensation for victims of the BA data theft

If you’ve been informed that you’re a victim of the BA data theft, you may be eligible to join our compensation action. We’re aware that BA may not have made everyone aware that they’ve been affected so far. If you made or changed a booking between 10.58pm on 21 August 2018 and 9:45pm on 5 September 2018, you may have had your personal data compromised.

The data compromised in the BA data theft is serious. Full card numbers, expiry dates and security codes (CVV) have been exposed together with the personal details of the victim affected.

This is an incredibly serious breach and people are at an immediate risk of fraud.

About the BA data theft compensation action

The BA data theft compensation action we’ve launched is designed to ensure that victims of the hack receive the compensation they deserve.

BA is facing a huge fine that could amount to £500m for breaches of the law, but victims can also be entitled to claim damages for any financial loss, distress and inconvenience caused.

A lot of people have been told to cancel their cards immediately to avoid falling victim to fraud, and this in itself is a massive inconvenience.

No Win, No Fee representation for victims of the BA data theft

We’re offering No Win, No Fee representation for victims of the BA data theft incident. As we’re doing in the over 20 other data actions we’re running, we offer a No Win, No Fee guarantee to protect our clients from the risk of having to pay certain legal fees in the event an action doesn’t succeed.

With BA already confirming that they will pay compensation to victims who suffer a financial loss, and given the nature of the BA data theft stemming from a sustained attack, we’re confident that we can win the action we’ve initiated.

Joining the BA data theft compensation action

To join the BA data theft compensation action we’ve launched, complete a claim form below or call the team on 0800 634 75 75.

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