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Want to know more about your Equifax data breach claim? Need more info about the action we launched last year? Unsure if you’ll win your case?

Importantly, if you were affected by the Equifax data breach, you should be able to join our action. You can read more about the legal action we launched last year here.

In terms of more about how the claim works, you can visit the claim information page here. We have already launched the legal action, bit it’s not too late to join if you haven’t signed-up already. We’re confident we can win the case as well.

What is the Equifax data breach claim action?

The Equifax data breach claim action we launched last year is a campaign for justice for anyone affected by the breach.

We launched our legal action last year after news of the breach hit the headlines. We’re now acting for a group of Claimants pursuing compensation.

What we ARE doing is:

  • Formally taking cases forward on a No Win, No Fee basis;
  • Seeking settlements for individuals affected by the breach whether you’ve suffered a financial loss or not.

What we are NOT doing is:

  • Just taking simple “registrations” and updating people about what’s going on. We’re actively pursuing Equifax data breach claims right now. Clients who have instructed us have agreed to legal retainers.

This is important. We’re not here to mess around with registrations and taking a backseat. We’re pushing forward for justice now.

Will you win your Equifax data breach claim?

If you were affected by the scandal, we’re confident you can win your Equifax data breach claim.

We’re confident because:

  • The breach happened because Equifax failed to patch a known security vulnerability;
  • Not only that, their systems failed to identify the vulnerability for quite some time. They accept that this was inadequate;
  • Since then, they’ve had to commit to far better security. They’ve admitted that this was “one of the most impactful breaches of all time”. Millions have now been invested in properly sorting their security out.

In short, this breach was very preventable.

Start your Equifax data breach claim today

You can join our Claimant group and start your Equifax data breach claim today. Find out more now. It’s No Win, No Fee.

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