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Airbus data breach

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News of the Airbus data breach has hit the headlines over the last few weeks. As yet another aviation sector breach, the news is incredibly worrying.

It’s understood that some form of cyber incident has taken place. Airbus’ information systems for their commercial aircraft business appears to have been hit. As a result of the Airbus data breach, it’s understood that some personal data has been accessed, according to the company’s statement on the incident.

With Airbus not only being in the civil sector but also the military sector, this kind of breach is worrying. News of this breach comes just months after the monumental British Airways data breach we’re running an action for. The aviation sector is clearly being targeted.

About the Airbus data breach

The Airbus data breach has resulted in some personal data reportedly being accessed. It’s believed that the data for some European employees as well as professional contacts has been exposed.

Regulators have reportedly been informed in accordance with GDPR, and employees have been warned to be vigilant.

In terms of what data has been exposed and how much, we just don’t know. The notice on the Airbus website relating to the breach is short and confirms that the matter is being investigated.

It’s also unknown as to what the actual target was. There has been speculation as to whether the incident was state-sponsored in efforts to steal intellectual property.

Why the Airbus data breach is worrying

There are a number of reasons as to why the Airbus data breach is worrying. With other aviation breaches like the recent British Airways data breach we’re helping people claim for, are these specific targets for criminals?

In our view, the aviation sector is incredibly sensitive, and needs to be protected. A breach of an airline or a manufacturer like Airbus could, in theory, put lives at risk. This factor could make them a target, and we would expect aviation companies to have incredibly high levels of cybersecurity. In terms of the Airbus data breach, we simply don’t know what the target was or what, if anything, could have been done to have prevented the incident that did take place.

Nevertheless, the fact that we’re looking at another aviation sector breach is troubling. Particularly when a business is also catering for the military as well.

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First published by Matthew on February 27, 2019
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