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Concerns raised over Anglesey Council data breach threats

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A recent report has highlighted concerns over the threat of an Anglesey Council data breach incident after risks were identified as part of an internal audit.

The audit results indicated a need for improvement when it comes to Anglesey Council’s IT network. At least two risks identified as “major” were also reported, and the report is said to have confirmed that there was only “reasonable assurance” that their systems were safe from potential breach incidents.

With council data breach compensation claims being one of the more common types of cases we help people with, the growing numbers of threats and actual breaches local authorities are facing is a problem that needs to be resolved.

Audit findings indicate threat of Anglesey Council data breach incidents

The audit reportedly found that more could be done to reduce the risks of an Anglesey Council data breach incident. Like many other local authorities, Anglesey Council is said to have seen a rise in breach incidents, and we know that hackers target these kinds of organisations.

With funding shortages continuing to plague the public sector, the issues surrounding a lack of cybersecurity and the threats they face is an ongoing concern. The findings from the audit are said to have noted risks such as staff being able to easily extract data from council systems, and the use of non-council equipment (like personal laptops, or perhaps mobile phones) being able to access their network.

What if there is an Anglesey Council data breach incident?

If there is an Anglesey Council data breach incident that is related to a lack of proper security or processes and protocols, victims may be able to claim compensation.

Although it’s not usually possible to have an impenetrable defence, organisations have a legal duty to do all they can to protect the data they store and process. The data held by local authorities can be incredibly personal and incredibly voluminous. It can include personal, financial and even medical data. This can make a council a popular target for cyberattacks.

Like many local authorities, there have been previous Anglesey Council data breach incidents. In 2015, confidential documents were reportedly sent to the wrong address. In 2011, information about benefit Claimants was sent to the wrong people which triggered an investigation with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Hopefully, the recent audit will allow for improvements to help prevent any Anglesey Council data breach incidents taking place.

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First published by Matthew on February 26, 2019
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