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Airline data breach incidents is a hot topic right now off the back of the recent British Airways data breach. We recently launched a legal case as a result of the breach.

Airline data breach incidents can be incredibly serious. The amount of personal and sensitive data that an airline holds is substantial enough to cause serious distress and monetary loss. Victims affected by a breach like the British Airways hack can be entitled to compensation.

For advice, please contact the team or read on for more general guidance.

Can you claim as a victim of an airline data breach?

A victim of an airline data breach can be entitled to claim compensation. You can claim for the distress caused by the exposure and the loss of control of your personal information, and for any financial loss caused by fraud.

Airlines often hold a huge amount of data that we class as very personal and sensitive. When you break it down, you can see just how dangerous your data in the hands of criminals can be:

  • Payment card information: like we saw in the British Airways breach, leading to the risk of fraud;
  • Passport information: which can expose a victim to identity theft;
  • Personal information like your full name, address and contact information;
  • Medical information required by an airline or a travel operator for insurance or assistance purposes;
  • Your travel information: meaning criminals can know exactly when you’re away from your home.

Given the nature of the data held, any airline data breach can be serious enough to warrant a claim for compensation.

Immediate help for an airline data breach

If you need immediate help now as a victim of an airline data breach, we can help.

We can offer No Win, No Fee representation for an airline data breach where you fit our criteria for a case.

We’re already representing victims of the massive British Airways data breach. You can find out more about the legal action here.

If you have been affected by any other airline data breach and you need our help, please contact the team as soon as you can.

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First published by Matthew on October 09, 2018
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