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Printer hacks – a less talked-about data security issue

cyber attack

When imagining a data breach in the workplace, our minds often go to database hacks or malicious cyberattacks. However, the risks of printers are not always considered. In fact, printer hacks can sometimes be just as dangerous, acting as a route into the wider company network.

The lack of awareness surrounding such risks can demonstrate that there is often poor education about data protection at many companies. Ensuring good data protection is not simply a case of implementing firewalls or antivirus software. It is also vital that employees follow strict procedures and are aware of what good practice is.

When a third-party organisation fails to protect your personal information, they may have breached data protection law. Where this is the case, you may be able to make a claim in order to be compensated for the damage caused. As leading specialists in data protection law, we help those affected by data breaches to access the justice they deserve.

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Data breaches by hospitals

hospital ransomware attacks

The duty of patient confidentiality is a tenet of medical practice, meaning that all doctors must keep patient information private as a matter of professional duty. Unfortunately, data breaches by hospitals undermine this key responsibility, often through simple administrative errors or data handling mistakes.

However minor the initial misstep is, the repercussions can still be severe when patient or employee data is exposed, which is why healthcare organisations must be held accountable for breaches of data protection law. We know the stress and anxiety data breach victims can suffer, which is why we work hard to claim compensation on behalf of those affected. Although a compensation pay-out cannot undo the harm inflicted on victims, it can help them to know that justice has been done.

Data breach compensation amounts for these kinds of cases can be high given the severity of the impact.

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May 2021- the third anniversary of the GDPR

cybersecurity issues

As we reach the third anniversary of the GDPR this May, it is important to evaluate the impact the law has had on data security.

While the General Data Protection Regulation produced an important, necessary update to the UK’s decades-old Data Protection Act (1998), data breaches show no sign of abetting. It still appears that many businesses may still be failing to comply with the law today.

Taking account of the changes of the digital age, in which consumers regularly share data with third parties online, the GDPR obliges businesses to ensure that they protect personal data with appropriate technical and organisational methods. When they fail in this responsibility, they could face enforcement action from the Information Commissioner’s Office, the regulator responsible for monitoring compliance with the GDPR in the UK.

Moreover, the GDPR can also enable victims of data protection breaches to claim compensation for the harm caused. If you have been affected by a data breach incident, you may be within your rights to make a claim, and we have the expertise to advise you and lead your claim to fruition.

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Malicious cyberattacks and their repercussions

affected by a cyberattack

As cybercriminals develop their skills and tools, we see increasingly sophisticated and malicious cyberattacks, many of which can cause adverse consequences for the victims. Cybercrime may well have been strengthened by the coronavirus pandemic, so the risk to personal information is at a high point.

For cybercriminals, the most effective cyberattacks are often those which are highly manipulative, backing their victims into a corner and leaving them defenceless. These cyberattacks can be capable of causing immense distress to the victims, which can last for months or even years after the breach.

However, cybercriminals are not the only threat to personal data. Many companies fail to implement adequate cybersecurity measures, leaving the information in their possession in a more vulnerable position. If a third-party organisation has failed to protect your data, they may be liable to pay compensation. No one should feel forced to accept a data breach, so contact us for advice if you think you may have a compensation claim to make.

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Unsecured servers and databases – rail passenger data accessible online

rail passenger data accessible online

Many data breaches occur not because of sophisticated hacks, but because of failures in cybersecurity defences. In such cases, the blame can primarily fall on the head of the data controller, who may have failed in their duty to protect personal information. For example, a potential data breach arose when a configuration issue in the systems of Network Rail left rail passenger data accessible online.

The error is one many companies cite when a data breach occurs, and one which can be indicative of systematic failings within an organisation. It often only takes one mistake or flaw to make a substantial hole in an organisation’s cybersecurity defences. As good cybersecurity is a key tenet of data protection law, data controllers with weak or faulty cybersecurity can be found in breach of the GDPR. The wider defences are only as good as the weakest link.

Where the GDPR is breached, those affected by the exposure of their information may be eligible to make a compensation claim. At Your Lawyers (T/A The Data Leak Lawyers), we represent data breach victims as a leading data breach claims law firm to fight for the justice that they deserve.

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NurseryCam data breach

The recent NurseryCam data breach reportedly exposed the information of parents using the webcam service, which allows them to watch live footage of their kids at nursery.

Said to be in use across 40 nurseries in the UK, the company believes that the breach did not allow unauthorised users to view the webcam footage, but it nevertheless had the potential to cause a substantial violation of privacy had action not been taken quickly. It is currently unclear how many users of NurseryCam have been affected.

The news comes following a public dispute between NurseryCam and a cybersecurity expert, who had reportedly identified holes in the company’s defences prior to the data breach. As a result, the incident undoubtedly raises questions about the strength of the cybersecurity measures used by the company, and perhaps also the general attitude towards data protection among employees.

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Healthcare data breach spikes during COVID-19 pandemic

breaches in the healthcare sector

As governments and healthcare organisations strive to suppress COVID-19, the main numbers being counted are those of transmission rates. At the same time, data breach incidents may be rising in number without the attention their severity merits as well. In mid-2020, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and its American counterpart, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), warned of the dangers of cyberattacks hitting healthcare organisations during the pandemic, given the immense strain which was already stretching their time and resources. With coronavirus prioritised, it may be that only time will tell what the true cost of these healthcare data breach spikes will be.

Through the data breach incidents of the past few years, many healthcare organisations have shown that they are poorly equipped to protect personal data. Whether the data breach consists of an accidental email or a large-scale cyberattack, the effects can be severe for the victims, and may put the organisation involved in breach of the law.

As leading specialists in data breach law, we help victims to claim compensation when their right to proper data protection has been breached. Contact us for free, no-obligation advice if you think you may have a claim.

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Losing trust after data breaches

nhs trust data protection

When data breaches occur, the effect on the victims can be extremely severe, as they can be exposed to many different kinds of data misuse. The psychological impact of a data breach can sometimes be its worst consequence, with the majority of victims suffering some degree of stress or anxiety. As such, it is unsurprising that many victims lose trust after data breaches, not only in the third party that caused the breach, but more generally, as they may find it difficult and worrisome to disclose data under any circumstances in future.

Although it may be difficult to lessen your worries, it is important to remember that the law is on your side. We are here to help anyone claim the compensation the GDPR can entitle them to in the event that a third party fails to protect their personal data.

Contact us for advice today if you think you may have a claim to make. We are Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – and we are a leading firm of data lawyers who are here to fight your corner.

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Confidential medical records on the dark web

Containing some of the most sensitive information we may ever disclose to a third party, our medical records require substantial protection, as all personal data does. Unfortunately, health organisations can be prime targets for hackers because of the value of this sensitive data, a problem that is often exacerbated by the failure of these organisations to implement sufficient cybersecurity methods. As a result, cybercriminals may be circulating countless medical records on the dark web, and victims need to know what to do.

If a third-party organisation fails to protect your personal data, in can be very difficult to prevent yourself from being exposed to the dangers of cybercrime. Because a data breach can come with a significant financial and emotional cost, the law can entitle you to claim compensation for the harm caused.

As leading, specialists in data breach law, we aim to help all victims who come to us to achieve the justice they deserve where we can. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries about making a data breach claim.

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Data for sale online

cyberattack compensation

In today’s digital age, we give out so much of our personal information to third parties, whether it’s an online fashion store or a delivery giant, that many undervalue the risks of data disclosure. While entrusting your data to a third party should not be unsafe in any way, the dangers that can arise if that third party has poor cybersecurity and falls victim to a hack, following which the cybercriminals may put up the data for sale online, can be serious.

Even the smallest amount of information can be a powerful weapon in the arsenal of criminals. They can use this valuable resource for themselves or sell it on for profit, thus exposing the data to wider misuse.

The risks of data sale should never be underestimated, a fact that we are keen to highlight in our work as leading data protection lawyers. We advocate data breach victims who want to stand up for their right to proper data protection, so contact us to find out if you could be eligible for a compensation claim.

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