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July 2021: it has been widely reported that British Airways has settled claims for victims of their 2018 data breaches. The airline will likely see the British Airways data breach claim settlement as an opportunity to draw a line under the legal action against them, but the claim process is, in fact, far from over – so don’t worry! Only one subset of the 420,000 victims of the data breach have settled claims, so those who have yet to claim still have a chance to claim with us.

Due to an agreement of confidentiality between the parties involved, the compensation amounts for the British Airways data breach claim settlement have not been disclosed. Our group of claimants still have a chance to potentially receive thousands of pounds in damages as a fair settlement of their claims.

Since the British Airways data breaches occurred in 2018, we have been seeking justice for those affected. We want to ensure our claimants can receive the maximum possible compensation pay-outs, and we continue to fight hard for the victims of the British Airways data breach that we represent.

The initial British Airways data breach claim settlement              

Some of the claimants have taken the decision to settle claims with British Airways that are taking part in separate claimant groups to ours. As mentioned before, the compensation amounts have not been disclosed due to an agreement with BA. The airline is understood to have made the settlement without any admission of liability.

This does not mean that your chance of being able to claim is over. If you have yet to claim, you can still sign-up for No Win, No Fee legal representation with us here now. The case is not over, so do not worry.

Your chance to claim compensation in the group action

British Airways may continue to deny liability, but the British Airways data breach claim settlement demonstrates that the airline must be aware of its responsibility for the damage caused to victims of the data breach. If BA truly believed in its innocence, we would expect that it would have been willing to proceed to trial with these claims.

However, it is important to stress that the group action against British Airways is far from over. We are continuing to pursue claims against the airline, and you still have the chance to register for our group action if you were affected.

Claim values can be assessed on a case-by-case basis and can account for things such as distress, financial loss and psychological injuries. Whilst we cannot know for sure what claims could settle for, our average settlement is in the £6,000 mark and we have recovered over £1m in damages for data breach victims to date, mainly in individual cases.

The fight for justice continues!

The British Airways data breach claim settlement is an overall positive step forward, but the fight for justice for the thousands of people we represent continues. We can assure our current and future claimants that we will continue fighting to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

If you were affected by the British Airways data breach and have yet to make a claim, you can use our online form today to check your eligibility and start your claim today.

The deadline to join may soon arrive, so do not hesitate to start your No Win, No Fee claim today.

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