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Billions of leaked records – data exposure in 2021


According to a recent report, over five billion personal records have already been exposed in 2021. A number of significant data leak incidents have contributed to the billions of leaked records, showing how cybercriminals are often able to steal information in large quantities.

In many cases, the theft of records can be facilitated by the negligence or errors of data controllers. Despite being required by law to impose strong cybersecurity defences, vulnerabilities are often neglected and left open for cybercriminals to take advantage of.

Your Lawyers, as leading specialists in data protection law, have seen data controllers fail to meet their responsibilities on many occasions, and the consequences can be devastating for those affected. It is not always possible to undo the impact when control of your personal information is lost, but making a data protection breach compensation claim can allow you to hold a third-party organisation accountable for any failure to protect your personal data. In a time in which so many records are being leaked, our work has never been more important.

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British Airways group action claim – still time to join

BA data breach

As we mark the third anniversary of the news of the BA cyberattacks emerging in 2018, there is still time to pursue your British Airways group action claim with Your Lawyers.

Although a separate group to ours has settled some claims, we are still pursuing our claims as we fight for a fair settlement for those who have been affected by the serious cyberattacks that took place in 2018. Three years on, the legal fight for justice continues, and you still have time to claim.

We continue to pursue claims for victims on a No Win, No Fee basis. You can sign up to join the British Airways Group Action on the dedicated website here.

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Companies hit by multiple cyberattacks – advice for victims

compensation for hotel cyberattacks

In many cases, the costly repercussions of data breaches can push the companies involved to make improvements to their cybersecurity and data protection measures to ensure that the same mistakes are not made again. However, some companies have succumbed to multiple cyberattacks, failing to learn from the failures that brought about the first attack, even in cases where the initial data breach was widely publicised.

If a company has been subjected to multiple cyberattacks, it would suggest that it has not been put under enough to pressure to change their ways. At Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – as leading data compensation experts, we believe that good data protection is non-negotiable. This is why we aim to use our legal know-how to hold data controllers responsible for their actions.

In a data breach claim, you could be eligible to recover compensation for the damage caused to you by the exposure of your private information, so contact us if you think you have a right to justice.

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NHS Digital data breach – 3 years on

hospital ransomware attacks

Three years have passed since the NHS Digital data breach was reported, in a wide-reaching incident affecting around 150,000 patients across the country. Patients affected had chosen to opt-out from their medical information being used for non-care related purposes, but a mistake made by the IT and data branch of the NHS caused their requests to not be upheld.

Medical details represent perhaps the most sensitive type of personal information about us, so health professionals and services owe an important duty to their patients to protect this information and keep it confidential. This includes giving patients the option to choose how their data is processed and used, empowering them to take control of data disclosure. As such, when the health service fails to observe the choices of patients, it can be an indication of inept and inadequate data protection.

We began taking on claims for those affected by the NHS Digital data breach soon after it came to light, and we can still register claims despite the time that has elapsed since the incident. Contact us now to receive free, no-obligation advice on your claim.

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British Airways data breach claim settlement – you still have time to claim!

British Airways data breach claims

July 2021: it has been widely reported that British Airways has settled claims for victims of their 2018 data breaches. The airline will likely see the British Airways data breach claim settlement as an opportunity to draw a line under the legal action against them, but the claim process is, in fact, far from over – so don’t worry! Only one subset of the 420,000 victims of the data breach have settled claims, so those who have yet to claim still have a chance to claim with us.

Due to an agreement of confidentiality between the parties involved, the compensation amounts for the British Airways data breach claim settlement have not been disclosed. Our group of claimants still have a chance to potentially receive thousands of pounds in damages as a fair settlement of their claims.

Since the British Airways data breaches occurred in 2018, we have been seeking justice for those affected. We want to ensure our claimants can receive the maximum possible compensation pay-outs, and we continue to fight hard for the victims of the British Airways data breach that we represent.

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MGM Resorts data breach – one year on

compensation for hotel cyberattacks

Just over a year has passed since the MGM Resorts data breach was revealed, after a security breach resulted in the monumental leak of customer information.

The breach fell in line with the ongoing trend of data breaches in the travel and tourism industry, which has affected several other major companies, including British Airways and easyJet.

Although the news of the breach emerged last February, we can still take on claims for affected customers from England and Wales. Victims may be eligible to receive compensation pay-outs for any harm that they have suffered.

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Careless approach to data protection – rights for victims

claim for an accidental data

Despite the fact that there is extensive legislation designed to prevent data breaches, many organisations continue to have a careless approach to data protection.

In this digital age, in which consumers regularly disclose private data to third party companies online, it is unacceptable that many are neglecting their duty to protect this information.

We are always on the lookout for data leaks which show a carelessness on the part of the organisation, as this may mean that victims may be entitled to claim compensation for the exposure of their personal information. Unfortunately, many companies fail to realise that their data protection duties are equal to their responsibilities to deliver on the goods and services paid for by their customers. We believe that it is important to raise awareness of this widespread issue, and to make sure any victims can achieve justice for the effects of data breaches.

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SITA data breach affects airline passengers across the globe

British Airways data breach claims

Another travel industry data breach has recently hit the headlines, with the popular airline IT provider SITA suffering a monumental cyberattack. The SITA data breach is thought to have exposed information belonging to hundreds of thousands of passengers.

Among the affected airlines are those owned by Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline group, and British Airways is also affected. Some of the thousands of clients that we represent for the 2018 BA data breaches have already come forward for our assistance.

The travel industry has been plagued by data breaches, with companies such as Marriott and easyJet falling prey to significant hacks in recent years. The wealth of information that is held by airlines and travel companies makes them prime targets for cybercriminals, and the effects can be devastating for those affected.

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Data breaches and payment card fraud

data breach compensation for card skimming

It is unsurprising that bank account information and credit or debit card details are among the most sought-after types of data for cybercriminals. This is due to financial motives many hackers have when they carry out cybercrimes. Payment card fraud is, therefore, one of the most significant risks of data breaches, and can occur in many different ways.

If fraudsters gain access to your money, it can be very difficult to recover stolen funds directly. At Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – we aim to hold the other guilty party to account in data breach cases, as a leading firm of data breach solicitors. In many instances, it is not just the criminal who is responsible for a data breach, but a third-party organisation may also be at fault if they failed to sufficiently protect personal data, and that is how criminals gained access to the details for you.

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Travel and leisure data breaches

cyberattack compensation for travel

Although the industry has, unfortunately, had quiet year in 2020, it seems this fact has not lessened their risk of travel and leisure data breaches.

Travel and leisure breaches have been prominent in the news with the revelation that companies including Expedia and have been affected by a large-scale breach, after their partner Prestige Software failed to password-protect a database containing millions of customers’ booking details. Among the exposed details were guests’ names, phone numbers, email addresses and payment details, inducing risks of both blackmail and fraud.

As the travel and leisure industries continue to be a prime target of hackers, it is important to evaluate the scale of the impact, and to consider why these companies succumb to breaches again and again.

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