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Another LinkedIn data breach?

coronavirus contact tracing data app data breach risks

The most famous LinkedIn data breach stems from the 2012 hack that took years to come to light. But since then, there has reportedly been others.

There has reportedly been several other data breaches with connections to the Microsoft-owned networking site for professionals. But this latest LinkedIn data breach arises from the way some 18 million people’s email addresses have reportedly been used for targeted Facebook ads.

According to recent investigations, this is yet another data breach involving LinkedIn.

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Private health sector data breaches on the rise

healthcare data breaches caused by human error nhs staff medical record breaches

Are private health sector data breaches on the rise? With more and more people opting for private healthcare, this may be the case.

Although the overall healthcare sector has long led the way in terms of volumes of breaches, the private health sector has its problems as well. Cyber criminals have been known to specifically target the private health sector. These companies hold a wealth of financial and medical data about us, and these companies are often very wealthy themselves.

They can make for huge targets for ransomware attacks.

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Worries over numerous Facebook data breach incidents

A number of individuals have contacted us with concerns about the Facebook data breach incidents that have come to light.

If you’ve been affected by a Facebook data breach, our team may be able to help with a claim for compensation.

From the recent private messages hack, to the infamous Cambridge Analytica data breach, Facebook appears to have a lot to answer for. If you’ve been affected by a data breach as a Facebook user, you may be entitled to damages. You should contact our team for help and advice today. It’s no-obligation, and No Win, No Fee representation.

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Tesco data breach leads to £16.4m fine

tesco travel money data breach

The massive November 2016 Tesco data breach has led to a ground-breaking fine issued in the sum of £16.4m.

The fine has been issued by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It’s understood that this is the first time that the FCA has issued a fine for an online fraud incident.

The level of the fine is thought to reflect the severity of the Tesco data breach. This was an avoidable incident that arose from Tesco’s lax security. The incident led to customers of Tesco Bank losing millions of pounds in stolen funds.

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Plusnet data breach: another system upgrade failure

claim for an accidental data

The Plusnet data breach that was revealed in September 2018 was another example of a system update that went horribly wrong.

During the process of the internet provider updating its billing system, a data breach incident occurred. The issue led to a number of customers being able to view the personal data for other customers instead of their own.

The Plusnet data breach is practically the same as the huge TSB bank software issue from earlier this year. When they updated their systems, customers were able to see the banking details for other customer. Some were even able to transfer money and make payments.

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Former manager pleads guilty in Equifax cybersecurity incident

court action

A former manager has reportedly pleaded guilty over charges being pressed arising from the Equifax cybersecurity incident of 2017.

We’re already representing a large number of victims as part of a group legal action we’re pursuing. Although the breach took place in 2017, and we have an established claimant group, it’s not too late to join the action.

A year on from the huge Equifax cybersecurity incident, we’re still only now seeing the results of investigations and criminal proceedings. The civil case for data breach compensation that we’re pursuing is also rolling on.

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Code use in British Airways cyber attack identified

shortage of cybersecurity specialists

It’s understood that the code used in the British Airways cyber attack that compromised the payment data for 380,000 has been found.

A cyber security firm has reportedly identified the malicious code that was injected into the British Airways site that led to the massive data breach that we’ve initiated legal action for. As previously suspected, the code reportedly acts like a digital form of “skimming” where information entered into payment forms is copied and stolen.

The revelation means we’re one step close to uncovering how the biggest data hack of the new GDPR era was committed as we fight for compensation for victims of the attack.

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380,000 payment cards expposed in British Airways data breach

easyJet data breach

This is a huge breach. Some 380,000 payment card details have been exposed in the British Airways data breach that was revealed yesterday.


Customers are being notified if they’re affected, and our Data Leak Lawyers are on the case to advise anyone who has been affected. Any data breach involving credit and debit cards being compromised – which is the case in the British Airways data breach – can put victims at an immediate risk of fraud.

Since British Airways started outsourcing IT operations, a number of issues and incidents have reportedly occurred, although it’s not yet known whether there’s a link between the outsourcing and the data theft revealed yesterday.

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Equifax data breach fraud trends

cyberattack compensation

It’s understood there have been cases of Equifax data breach fraud committed, perhaps, as a direct result of the breach itself.

Tech company, Forte, produced some stats that indicate some alarming figures in the wake of the Equifax data breach. The data can be interpreted as a possible spike in some fraud incidents after the Equifax data breach took place, which wouldn’t surprise us given the scale and nature of this monumental attack.

It’s another sign that we ought to be far more concerned with regards to data breaches than many people are.

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Ticketmaster cyber attack may just be the beginning

cyber attack

The recent Ticketmaster cyber attack we’ve launched an action for may just be the beginning as hackers are reportedly ready to attack again.

The Ticketmaster cyber attack was successful because the hackers were able to install malicious code into third-party software that Ticketmaster were using as part of their payment process. Inbenta, the authors of the code, say they didn’t know Ticketmaster were using their code for this purpose, and had they have known, they say they would have recommended against it on the grounds of security issues.

The growing trend of hackers looking to attack third-party code means the huge Ticketmaster cyber attack may well be just the beginning.

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