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When mail is sent to the wrong person

letter is sent to the wrong address

A simple and common type of data breach occurs when mail is sent to the wrong person. It can easily happen, and it often does happen, and victims should know their rights.

For the victims, once a data leak like this has taken place, the damage is done. It can be easy for this kind of incident to be brushed off as a simple “human error”, but there can be so much more to it than that. In many cases, an incident like this is very preventable and we really shouldn’t be seeing so many incidents like this at all

If this has happened to you, you shouldn’t have to accept that it’s just ‘one of those things’. As a leading firm of expert data breach compensation lawyers, we know from our years of experience how a data leak can really impact a victim. Here’s how we can help you.

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Help if your medical records have been leaked

healthcare data breaches caused by human error nhs staff medical record breaches

We understand the distress that can be caused when medical records have been leaked, as this is a common type of legal case that we take forward.

In fact, one of the many cases we recently settled was for this exact situation. Although no one wants to have their right to privacy leaked, we’re happy that we were able to secure yet another settlement for a happy client.

If this has happened to you, we may be able to represent you for a medical data breach compensation claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Employment tribunal data breaches

claims folder

We represent several clients who are claiming for employment tribunal data breaches, and there are many ways these kinds of incidents can take place.

Employment tribunals are sensitive matters that need to be treated confidentially. Many people involved in disputes with an employer do not want colleagues or former colleagues knowing the details about what’s going on. Although some colleagues may need to be aware for witness evidence purposes, it’s not usually a matter that should be so widely known.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve been at the forefront of data breach compensation claiming as a leading firm of expert lawyers. A number of the individual legal cases we deal with have involved leaks and breaches associated with employment tribunal matters. Here’s how we can help you.

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London council data breaches

phone app messaging call

The issue of London council data breaches has hit the media in light of damning statistics about the volumes of data that has reportedly been lost or stolen that involves these authorities.

Council data breach compensation claims are one of the most common types of cases that we take forward. The reasons are likely down to the sheer wealth of data that authorities and their outsourced partners hold, and the fact that it can be very personal and sensitive. What also doesn’t help is the fact that there are funding issues which can mean some councils aren’t able to commit enough resources for data protection either.

As a leading, specialist data breach law firm, the statistics do not come as a surprise to us; despite how worrying they are.

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Simple data breaches can sometimes be the worst

victim of data theft or loss

In some cases, those small and simple data breaches can actually be the worst; especially when the context of the incident is considered.

It can only take one employee of an organisation failing to understand the rules that can lead to a substantial breach. It can only take just one piece of leaked information to cause significant to distress for the victim as breaches can be very subjective.

Take it from a leading law firm with a proven track record of succeeding with data breach cases that sample leaks, breaches and hacks can cause devastation. Our role is to make sure that anyone – no matter who they are and what the breach is – can access the justice they may be entitled to.

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Inappropriate access to medical records: advice for victims

Issues relating to inappropriate access to medical records is something we have talked about before. It’s completely wrong and can have a huge impact for the victims.

In some cases – and this is what we will look at here – unauthorised access to medical data can be a great deal more sinister than staff being curious about people they’re acquainted with. In some cases, employees have accessed information for more sinister means, where they have targeted specific individuals to pursue them for relations.

We have represented people who have been unscrupulously contacted by employees who have accessed their contact data through their employment to then engage them for relations. In these kinds of scenarios, the impact for the victim can be substantial, so it’s important to know your rights.

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No excuse for accidental data breaches

affected by Virgin Media data breach

When it comes to the impact for victims and their rights that are enshrined in law, there’s simply no excuse when it comes to accidental data breaches.

Although “accidents happen”, as they say, there’s so much that organisations can – and must – do to prevent breaches and leaks. A lot of it is simple stuff, and a lot of it comes down to employers putting policies and procedures in place, and employees sticking to them.

We can show you how easy it is with a few simple examples. We can also advise about the rights of victims and inform you what you can do if you are ever the victim of a breach or a leak.

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The issue of police misusing IT systems

humberside police fined by ico for data breach

We’ve discussed the issue of the police misusing IT systems before, and it’s a topic that needs to be addressed a lot given the nature of the data that they’re charged with.

Officers and employees have access to huge amounts of data, some of which is very personal and very sensitive. When exposed, victims can be understandably distressed, and that’s where we can assist.

Victims of a data breach can be entitled to make a claim for compensation that stems from the loss of control of private and sensitive information. We may be able to represent you, and since no one is above the law, you shouldn’t worry about going up against the police.

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Social Care records data breach

domestic abuse data breach

If you have been the victim of a social care records data breach, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation with us on a No Win, No Fee basis.

One of the most common types of individual legal cases that we represent people for involve councils, and a large volume of them relate to social care information. Social care data can be incredibly personal and sensitive which is why we find that data breach compensation pay-outs for these kinds of incidents can be quite high.

Victims should always know their rights. An apology isn’t always enough, especially when the data that has been exposed or misused is sensitive, which can often be the case when it comes to social care data.

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Another West Berkshire Council data breach

email breach

There has been another West Berkshire Council data breach, and it again involves an email being sent to people that has leaked the information for the recipients.

Just a few weeks ago, we covered a breach from the same council which saw an email sent to around 30 people where the “BCC” function wasn’t used. In this more recent event, it’s another case where the “BCC” function wasn’t used, but this time, it’s understood to have affected over a thousand people.

The long and short of the issue is that council data breach compensation claims are incredibly common because of how easily these events occur. But these incidents are completely preventable, and the fact that there has been two from the same council in the space of just a few weeks is alarming.

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