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February 12, 2020

Foster care data breach advice

A foster care data breach is one of the most sensitive and significant types of cases that we represent clients for on a No Win, No Fee basis.

A lot of claims we take forward involve social services matters, and it’s the adoption agency and fostering matters that can often be the worst. Many victims are vulnerable children, and the families associated can suffer when a breach takes place as well.

As a leading firm of data breach compensation experts that has been specialising in this niche and complex area of law for a lot longer than most other firms, we can help you the right way.

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domestic abuse data breach
February 05, 2020

Social care data breach compensation claims

A victim of a social care data breach can benefit from our No Win, No Fee guarantees when a claim for compensation is made with our expert representation.

When it comes to individual legal cases, we help a lot of people with data breaches that involve social services, or that have stemmed from a particular social worker. It’s usually the council and local authorities that deal with cases as many aspects of social services falls within their area of control.

We know from years of experience that these kinds of cases can have a devastating impact on the victim. Data breach compensation values are usually based on the severity of the impact on the victim and, in these claims, the pay-outs can be high.

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council data protection breach claim government data leaks
November 27, 2019

Government data breaches are serious, and here’s why

Government data breaches can be incredibly serious, and when you look at why, it’s obvious. Victims of these kinds of data breaches should know their rights for justice as well, and this goes for both national and local government organisations.

I heard recently that a survey suggested that some IT bosses in the public sector consider that the data they hold is not as valuable as data in the private sector. Clearly, some of these individuals do not grasp the gravity of the extent of data that’s stored and processed by public sector organisations and would do well to consider this.

Given the nature of the data that they hold, and for how many people, any breach, leak or hack can be serious.

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November 20, 2019

School GDPR breach incidents won’t go unpunished

The new legislation that came into force in May 2018 could lead to many incidents and violations, and this includes issues involving a school GDPR breach.

We must remember that all organisations – no matter how big or how small, or whether they’re private or public – are responsible for complying with the GDPR. For schools, not only is the duty there, but we must also account for the fact that the data subjects are young; and therefore vulnerable individuals.

Although schools will need to have adapted in similar ways that businesses have, they cannot take for granted the extra care required given that it’s children involved. If a breach occurs, victims should know their rights.

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claim for an accidental data
August 07, 2019

Sunderland Council data breach incidents in GDPR world

Issues surrounding a number of Sunderland Council data breach incidents have hit the headlines in recent weeks, with some 170 incidents said to have been recorded.

In the GDPR era, councils and local authority agencies must take their data protection responsibilities seriously. They hold a lot of information about a lot of people, and if this is exposed, the impact on the victim can be severe.

A large volume of the individual cases we take forward are for council data breach compensation claims because of how often they can occur, and because of nature of the information that can be exposed or misused.

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hacked latest
August 01, 2019

Public sector hacks continue to be a worry

Public sector hacks remain one of the more worrying aspects of worldwide data protection issues, and we can tell you from experience that these woes apply here in the UK.

We say this a lot, but the simple fact of the matter is that it’s a worrying truth. One of the most common types of compensation claims we deal with here at the Data Leak Lawyers involve public sector organisations. The most common are medical data breach claims and council data protection cases.

Yet again, we’re hearing the experts voice their concerns when it comes to public sector data protection problems, and it’s important for people to know what to do when their information it misused or exposed.

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executive charged
June 20, 2019

Home Office data breach advice

If you’ve been the victim of a Home Office data breach, we may be able to assist you with a claim for compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Recent research has indicated that there has been a spike in the recording and reporting of data breaches at the Home Office since GDPR came into force last year. Whether this is down to a greater number of breaches, or just greater awareness for reporting, is unknown. But with the Home Office dealing with a wealth of personal and sensitive information, victims of a data breach need to know their rights.

You can be eligible to make a claim for data breach compensation that stems from the Home Office. Read on for a little more advice.

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Home Office data breaches government data breach leak
June 14, 2019

HM Revenue and Customs data breach advice

You may be eligible to make a claim for data breach compensation if you’ve been the victim of an incident involving HM Revenue and Customs.

Central and local government data breach incidents are one of the most common types we deal with here at the Data Leak Lawyers. Whether it’s funding restraints or the wealth of personal and sensitive data they hold being difficult to handle, a lot of the individual cases we take forward fall within this category.

With this in mind, here’s a little information about your rights when it comes to a HM Revenue and Customs data breach claim.

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cybersecurity issues
May 07, 2019

5 million HMRC voice ID records to be deleted

Some 5 million HMRC voice ID records are to be deleted after regulators ruled that a “significant” breach of data protection law had taken place over the use of the “my voice is my password” system.

The UK’s data watchdog, the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), has given the government until next month to remove data collected without proper content from millions of taxpayers. Although some people have since opted in for the system, the data for those collected and retained without proper consent is to be removed.

The issue has raised concerns over the government’s own ability  to adhere to important data protection laws, with the ICO critical of HMRC’s behaviour.

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