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Advanced Cold-formed Sections data
July 18, 2022

Advanced Cold-formed Sections data caught up in ransom attack

We have been notified of the Advanced Cold-formed Sections data breach where the company is understood to have been caught up in a ransomware attack.

Breach notification correspondence has been issued to people who may potentially be affected by this incident, and we have agreed to take legal action having been approached for help. Your Lawyers, as Leading Data Leak Lawyers, represent thousands of people just like you for claims of this nature. Victims could be entitled to claim on a No Win, No Fee basis now.

Please do not hesitate to speak to our team if you require advice here now.

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compensation for a ransomware attack
May 13, 2022

Claim compensation for a ransomware attack

You could be eligible to claim compensation for a ransomware attack, and our leading firm of privacy lawyers may be able to represent you now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

In short, if more could have been done to have protected your personal information, there may be a breach of the GDPR. If we can prove that a breach of the GDPR has taken place, you could be entitled to pursue a case for compensation and you could be eligible for a pay-out of thousands of pounds in damages.

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fraud from cyberattacks hotel data breaches
March 22, 2022

Scams can arise from data breaches: legal advice

Scams can arise from data breaches, leaks and hacks, and this is one of the additional worries and stresses that victims of privacy incidents must be vigilant about.

This is why the GDPR can entitle the victim of a data breach to claim compensation for any distress caused by the loss of control of their private information. The threat of a possible scam can be very distressing, and this can be considered as part of a legal case.

Your Lawyers, as leading Data Leak Lawyers, know all too well how badly victims of privacy breaches can be impacted. We represent thousands of people for data claims, and we have recovered over £1m in damages to date for mostly individual clients. We can help you now.

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data theft risks
March 11, 2022

Compensation claim for identity theft from a data breach

You could be eligible to pursue a compensation claim for identity theft if the details used stem from a data breach, leak or hack. We may be able to represent you on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Information is valuable and can end up in the hands of criminals who can then target people to commit fraud and theft. Victims who are either targeted or lose money could be eligible to claim, as you do not have to have lost money to be able to recover damages for a data breach.

Your Lawyers – as leading Data Leak Lawyers – are here to help with our vast and enviable experience in this niche and complex area of law.

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Have I Been Pwned
March 09, 2022

Claiming compensation for massive ransomware attacks

Victims of massive ransomware attacks can be entitled to claim data breach compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis, and we may be able to help you now.

Your Lawyers, as Leading Data Leak Lawyers, have been fighting for justice for victims of data breaches and cybercrimes for years. Representing thousands of clients and having recovered over £1m to date for mostly individual privacy clients, we are committed to helping those who have been wronged.

The law is there to protect people from the fallout that can occur when control over private information is lost. Just because the loss has stemmed from a cyberattack does not mean that a victim cannot claim. We may be able to help you.

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Technology Software
March 08, 2022

Outdated IT infrastructure – no excuse when it comes to data breach claims

Outdated IT infrastructure is a major cause for people suffering when their personal information is misused or exposed, and there is no excuse. Victims can be eligible to claim compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis, and we can help.

Your Lawyers – as leading Data Leak Lawyers – represent thousands of people for claims and have won over £1m in data breach damages for mainly individual clients to date. Our experience in this complex and niche area of law speaks for itself, so when we tell you that outdated IT infrastructure is no excuse, you can trust in our advice.

If you have suffered due to the loss of control of your personal information, you could be eligible to launch a legal case with us now.

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school distress claim
February 22, 2022

School ransomware attacks – increasing dangers?

We are seeing more and more reports of school ransomware attacks, and it is concerning to see that hackers appear to be targeting this specific sector of civilisation.

Anyone who has lost control of their personal information could be entitled to pursue a claim for data breach compensation now.

Your Lawyers – as leading Data Leak Lawyers – represent thousands of people for data breach cases and have already recovered over £1m in damages for mostly individual clients. Having been working in this area of law for a great deal longer than most other data firms out there, our experience speaks for itself.

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By Author
February 03, 2022

Safestyle UK cyberattack: data stolen for hundreds of thousands

Safestyle UK cyberattack: media reports say a ransomware attack could affect some 400,000 customers, with hackers demanding 4m pounds in Bitcoin.

We look to be in the midst of yet another major cyberattack here in the UK. Safestyle looks to be joining the long list of other companies that include TalkTalk, Equifax, British Airways, Ticketmaster, easyJet, and others who have been involved in events where personal information has been exposed.

We represent thousands of clients for privacy breach cases, including against the companies named above. We are now closely monitoring developments in this latest cyberattack that has been announced over last weekend.

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new report uncovers councils lack of cybersecurity systems
January 10, 2022

Acorn Stairlifts cyberattack

The recently reportedly Acorn Stairlifts cyberattack appears to have been an attempt to break into the company’s systems using malware, media reports confirm.

It is not yet known as to whether any information has been exposed or stolen, but the systems that were affected are understood to be back working again.

This is yet another cyberattack that has caused huge disruption, which is a growing trend and has been especially prevalent during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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property management firm data breach
December 20, 2021

Property management firm data breach compensation claims

Whether it’s a local agency or a nationwide chain, many property management firms may be perceived as prime targets for data hackers. Any organisation that stores extensive customer information could be seen as an opportunity for cybercriminals, so the possibility of a property management firm data breach is something all companies must aim to prevent.

Unfortunately, despite the growing awareness of data security issues in the media and among the general public, many data controllers fail to observe the data protection regulations set out in the law. Even for businesses that possess large quantities of sensitive customer information, data protection negligence can be a problem.

If you have had your data exposed by a third party due to their failure to protect it, you may be entitled to claim compensation. In accordance with the law, everyone has a right to have the personal data they disclose to third-party companies kept safe, so contact us for advice if you think you may have a claim to make.

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