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group actions for data
February 14, 2023

Group actions for data breaches and hacks

Your Lawyers are Leading Experts when it comes to multi-party and group actions for data breaches, leaks and hacks, and we can represent claimants on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Thousands of clients who we represent are engaged in dozens of actions that we have launched. You can talk to our team about joining an action or starting a new one here now.

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privacy breach compensation
February 08, 2023

Privacy breach compensation claims representation

You can pursue your privacy breach compensation claim with confidence with Your Lawyers as leading data breach experts who may be able to represent you for a case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

The best place to start is to have a free, no-obligation chat with our friendly team here now for all the legal advice you need about getting started with us.

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misconfigured storage containers
September 20, 2022

Confidential Records Stolen in a Data Breach or Cyberattack?

Confidential records stolen in data breaches, leaks and cyberattacks could allow victims who have been affected to claim compensation now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Your Lawyers is a leading firm of Data Leak Lawyers representing thousands of people in England and Wales for privacy compensation cases. As well as individual clients, we are representing thousands of people engaged in over 50 group and multi-party actions as specialists in this niche and complex area of law.

If you think you might have a case, all you need to do is speak to our friendly team here now for free, no-obligation legal advice.

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data compliance breach
July 29, 2022

Human errors and mistakes – data breach claims advice

Human errors and mistakes can be a core factor or an underlying reason as to how a data breach occurs and how information is subsequently misused and/or exposed.

Victims of such a breach can be entitled to claim data breach compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis. Your Lawyers, as leading Data Leek Lawyers, represent thousands of clients, many of whom are claiming damages arising from an incident that involves errors and mistakes.

You can speak to the team here now for free, no-obligation legal advice.

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proper cybersecurity planning
June 21, 2022

Data breach class action claims for compensation

Your Lawyers, as leading privacy claims experts, represent thousands of people engaged in data breach class action claims, fighting for justice on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Since 2014, we have launched over 50 group and multi-party actions for thousands of clients, and this is on top of the singular claims that we represent people for. Anyone who has suffered as a result of losing control of their personal information can be entitled to claim data breach compensation, and we may be able to help you now.

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data breach group action cases
February 25, 2022

Second anniversary of the discovery of the Virgin Media data breach

We are around the second anniversary mark of the discovery of the Virgin Media data breach that was first revealed in the media in March 2020.

Since news broke that some 900,000 people – mainly customers – had been subjected to their personal information being exposed, we quickly launched legal action for justice. Two years on, we are now representing thousands of claimants – all on a No Win, No Fee basis – as part of our Virgin Media Group Action for compensation.

You still have time to sign up for a legal case, but do not delay any further – we are already at an advanced stage for many of the clients that we represent, and there can be cut-off dates imposed by courts for joining an action. You risk missing out unless you get on it now and start your case, and since we are working on a No Win, No Fee basis, what have you got to lose?

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make a data leak claim in confidence
January 17, 2022

Your legal rights following a data breach

In the wake of a data breach, it can be difficult to know what to do to protect yourself and take action in light of the harm you may have been caused. As leading specialists in data breach claims, Your Lawyers – The Data Leak Lawyers – can advise you of your legal rights in the event that your data is compromised or exposed.

A breach of data protection law can be any incident in which a third-party data controller fails to protect private information in a way that breaches their legal obligations. In accordance with the GDPR, all businesses and organisations are required to use appropriate organisational and technical measures to keep personal information secure, and failing to do so can leave a third party liable for any harm caused to their data subjects.

Data breach claims still represent a developing area of compensation law, but Your Lawyers has been representing clients for data privacy matters since 2014. Some firms have only just begun branching out into data breach claims, but we have developed the expertise to bring our claimants the compensation they deserve.

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check online banking accounts
January 12, 2022

Fraudsters stealing millions following data breaches

Data exposure can cause severe stress and anxiety to those affected, and it can also have a material impact. Many people may not be aware of just how close the cause-and-effect relationship between data breaches and online fraud can be. In fact, there are fraudsters stealing millions every year with the help of stolen information.

Due to the developments of the digital age, technology can now provide a means for fraudsters to expand their practices and develop more sophisticated ways of stealing from victims. Their greatest asset is arguably the wealth of data stores kept by many modern businesses, who take extensive personal details from their employees and customers. If the security of this information becomes compromised in any way, it could equip fraudsters with personal details that allow them to easily and effectively target their victims.

Your Lawyers, as leading, specialist Data Leak Lawyers, has represented many clients who have fallen victim to fraud in the wake of data breaches. If you have been impacted in this way, you may be eligible to claim compensation from those who exposed your information to misuse. Simply contact our team for more information on your potential claim.

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October 13, 2021

Billions of leaked records – data exposure in 2021

According to a recent report, over five billion personal records have already been exposed in 2021. A number of significant data leak incidents have contributed to the billions of leaked records, showing how cybercriminals are often able to steal information in large quantities.

In many cases, the theft of records can be facilitated by the negligence or errors of data controllers. Despite being required by law to impose strong cybersecurity defences, vulnerabilities are often neglected and left open for cybercriminals to take advantage of.

Your Lawyers, as leading specialists in data protection law, have seen data controllers fail to meet their responsibilities on many occasions, and the consequences can be devastating for those affected. It is not always possible to undo the impact when control of your personal information is lost, but making a data protection breach compensation claim can allow you to hold a third-party organisation accountable for any failure to protect your personal data. In a time in which so many records are being leaked, our work has never been more important.

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fraud from cyberattacks hotel data breaches
June 01, 2021

Scammers claiming to work for Virgin Media – breach victims to be wary

Scammers claiming to work for Virgin Media have been reportedly contacting elderly residents in more than one location in the UK. With cybercrime at a peak due to the coronavirus pandemic, these phone scams are just one example among many methods used by fraudsters in an attempt to extract personal data, particularly financial details.

There is no evidence to suggest that the scammers are linked to the Virgin Media data breach of last March, which saw the personal data of 900,000 UK residents become exposed due to the failure to secure a company database. However, many data breach victims do suffer attacks from scammers and fraudsters who, equipped with their personal data, can trick their targets into thinking that they are honest representatives of reputable companies. This is why we feel it is important to cover this issue in the context of the data breach that we represent people for.

As leading data breach specialists, we represent victims of data breaches to recover the compensation they deserve. When it comes to data protection, carelessness is unacceptable given the harmful risks it exposes victims to, so contact us if you think you may have a compensation claim to make.

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