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Claims for Police Federation of England and Wales data breach

police data breach claims

Around two years ago, the Police Federation of England and Wales was hit by a cyberattack, and we began taking claims forward soon after the data breach incident occurred. Although it was initially believed that no personal information affected, it was nevertheless a possibility that employee data may have been exposed to unauthorised access.

The case against the Police Federation is one of many data breach group actions we are pursuing. As leading specialists in data breach claims, we are fighting for justice in a number of high-profile actions, including those against Equifax, Virgin Media and British Airways.

As with all our data breach group actions, we are offering No Win, No Fee representation to eligible victims of the Police Federation data breach. You can contact us today if you are considering starting a claim.

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Workplace discrimination from a data breach

council worker fined for sharing data information to social site

Whenever an employee joins a company, they are usually required to disclose a variety of personal details for the purposes of workplace records. In many cases, this data is taken for the employee’s safety, with details such as family contact numbers and health condition information allowing employers to act appropriately in the event of an emergency. However, holding such sensitive information can pose many risks to employees if it becomes exposed. In fact, if they have poor data protection measures, companies risk making their employees vulnerable to workplace discrimination from a data breach if something happens.

Employers have a legal obligation to protect the information of their employees, so they can be held liable when a data breach does occur. We aim to bring victims of data breaches the justice they deserve, so contact us for advice if your personal information has been exposed in your place of work.

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Shocking research on pension scheme cybersecurity


Recent information and news coverage has suggested areas of concern when it comes of pension scheme cybersecurity across UK pension policies. There are concerns that not all scheme providers are focusing on cybersecurity as much as they should be, and this is a cause for worry.

As most employers are now legally required to provide pension schemes to their workforce, it is incredibly worrying to think that the details of many of the UK working population may not be sufficiently protected from potential exposure. If pension providers are failing to prevent and prepare for cyberattacks, they could be in breach of data protection obligations.

Although victims can then be eligible to claim data breach compensation, the stress and worry of a breach – and the cost for a business – is something to actively try to avoid.

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Claim compensation for a data breach at work

mobile devices

When a data breach occurs in your place of work, the stress on employees can be significant; whether you are one of those dealing with the repercussions, or one of the people who has had your private information exposed. The victims, in particular, can be adversely affected both psychologically and materially, so a data breach at work can represent a huge failure on the part of the company involved.

In fact, many workplace data breaches are caused by the neglect of basic data protection principles and cybersecurity measures, meaning that the company itself can often be held liable for the occurrence of the breach. Every employer has a duty to uphold strong data protection, both for their customers and their employees. When this duty is breached, affected employees may have a right to claim compensation for the damage caused to them.

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