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We’re representing victims who are claiming compensation as a result of the Charing Cross GIC leak, and we know there are questions and concerns from those whose data has been exposed.

We’re used to advising people when these kinds of things happen. We’re fighting for justice in dozens of data breach compensation action, and this includes the similar 56 Dean Street Clinic leak.

Unfortunately, we can’t turn back the clock; but you don’t have to suffer in silence either. Here’s how we can help you.

What can you do about the Charing Cross GIC leak?

As a victim of the Charing Cross GIC leak, your personal and sensitive information has been exposed. Once data is out there, it’s not normally possible to reverse the damage when it comes to a leak of this kind of scale. We understand that there were almost 2,000 recipients of the email, so containing the breach isn’t really feasible.

What you must also understand is that not everyone will keep the information to themselves. Not everyone will have a secure email account either. Also, people talk. We know this from similar incidents like the 56 Dean Street Clinic leak, so it’s good to be prepared for what may happen.

Although the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) can issue penalties for what has happened, this doesn’t normally have an impact on the victims.

And that’s where we come in.

Making a claim for data breach compensation

When it comes to justice for the victims of the Charing Cross GIC leak, making a claim for data breach compensation is what we can offer.

The law allows victims to be able to claim for any distress that’s suffered, because it’s not fair that you must go through this when you’ve done nothing wrong. The purpose of a claim is to ensure that you, as a victim, can have the right to redress for what you’ve had to endure.

We believe that we will be able to succeed with the legal action we’re taking forward, which is why we’re offering No Win, No Fee representation for anyone who claims with us.

How does a case work?

The Charing Cross GIC leak claims will likely follow a similar pattern that other actions have, like the 56 Dean Street incident.

We will look to obtain an early admission of liability from the other side, and then we will look to put together the most appropriate evidence we need to prove the level of distress you have suffered. We can use a combination of expert reports and your witness testimony to determine this, and then we can move forward to negotiate a fair settlement for you.

We will also do all that we can to be here for you and to support you through this difficult time as well. You can read more about the action we’re launching on our specialist advice page here.

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First published by Matthew on September 10, 2019
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