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Our No Win, No Fee compensation action for victims of the Well Pharmacy data leak is underway, and you can sign-up for our help today.

If you were one of the 24,000 people caught up by the Well Pharmacy data leak, you may be eligible to claim compensation with us. We’re taking cases on and we’ve initiated our action for anyone affected by the recent email leak of personal and sensitive data.

The Well Pharmacy data leak action is one of the over 20 different data breach actions we’re representing people for. When it comes to data leaks, access to justice can be achieved through our specialist legal services.

About the Well Pharmacy data leak

The Well Pharmacy data leak stemmed from an accidental email leak that affected over 24,000 people. In the breach email, a document was attached that contained names, contact information and payroll data for tens of thousands of employees.

Other sensitive data was also reportedly contained in the document. You can read more about the information that was leaked on our advice page here.

This was an entirely preventable leak that’s similar to other legal actions we’re involved in. The 56 Dean Street Clinic email leak is one of the most infamous email leaks, and is one of the many actions we’re fighting for justice in.

Can you claim compensation as a victim of the Well Pharmacy data leak?

If your data was in the document attached to the breach email, you may be entitled to claim compensation as a victim of the Well Pharmacy data leak.

You may be eligible to claim General Damages for any distress caused by the leak, and Special Damages for any losses and expenses incurred.

If you meet our criteria, we should be able to offer you a No Win, No Fee agreement. As huge believers in access to justice, we can offer agreements where we can write off our legal fees in the event the case doesn’t succeed.

All you need to do is make sure to comply with the terms of the agreement and we’re happy to offer these assurance.

For more information about the Well Pharmacy data leak action, read our advice page here.

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