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A recent Freedom of Information (FOI) request found the University Hospital Bristol as a main offender when it comes to lost or missing documents. The FOI revealed worryingly large volumes of data incidents in 2017.

As a firm of specialist Data Leak Lawyers, we’re not surprised. Thousands of people have asked for our help over the years we’ve been fighting for justice for data breach victims. One of the most common types of cases we help people with is for NHS data breach compensation.

Worrying figures for Bristol hospital data breach incidents

The 2017 figures for the volume of Bristol hospital data breach incidents was the third highest, according to the FOI reports. Reportedly, there were 1,105 incidents of records going missing or being lost at the University Hospital Bristol.

A lot of this likely comes down to what we already know to be the problems. Outdated systems and procedures, and a lack of resources for better data management and security can be common problems. It also doesn’t help that there are staff who still don’t understand their responsibilities when it comes to data protection as well.

We know that improvements must be made. A huge number of the compensation claims we deal with are for NHS data breach legal cases. Some of the over 20 different data breach group actions we’re fighting for justice in include large-scale NHS breaches as well.

Why is news of the Bristol hospital data breach incidents worrying?

The volume of the Bristol hospital data breach incidents reported is a part of a wider problem in terms of data security within the NHS. That’s also a part of why this is such a worry.

But one of the huge issues here is also the nature of the data that is being lost or going missing here. Medical data is often very sensitive and very private, so when it comes to this kind of data being subjected to a breach, the impact for the victim can be severe.

One simple breach can lead to hundreds or even thousands of people suffering because their private and sensitive data has been exposed. With the number of Bristol hospital data breach incidents being the third highest from the information gleaned from the 2017 FOI request, it seems to us that improvements need to be made. That starts with government funding!

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