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Confidential patient information data breach

Any data breach that involves confidential patient information is incredibly serious. Victims can be entitled to make a claim for compensation, and we may be able to offer No Win, No Fee representation.

We can provide you with some insight into how you approach making a claim and how we may be able to help you. As a leading firm of data breach and consumer action specialists, we’ll also talk about our experience which is important to know about.

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Breach of confidential patient information

If you have suffered a data breach that has stemmed from confidential patient information being misused or exposed, you do not have to suffer in silence. The distress that can be caused by the misuse of private information, especially when it comes to medical data, can be significant. The law can allow you to claim compensation for this distress, and that’s the basis of most claims of this nature.

Medical data breach compensation cases can be some of the most severe that there are. Healthcare information is one of the most personal and sensitive types of data that there is, and there’s a good reason as to why most people want to it remain confidential. Unfortunately, one of the most common types of individual cases that we take forward involves this kind of data, and we know how bad the impact can be. Data breach compensation pay-outs for legal cases like this can be substantial, and we continue to recover thousands of pounds for victims of these breaches.

Generally speaking, you must provide consent for your private and sensitive information to be used and shared. If it is misused or exposed, whether by a leak, snooping event, or a cyberattack, you may have a case. We offer free, no-obligation advice for data breach victims, and you can speak to the team today for support.

When it comes to confidential patient information, we know that access to justice is incredibly important. That’s why we also offer No Win, No Fee representation for cases that we take forward as well. This is important and we wouldn’t want to work in any other way.

Trust in our experience

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a huge surge in law firms and claims management companies now getting involved in data breach cases. We have been pursuing privacy cases since 2014, which is a great deal longer than most other law firms. We’re also involved in over 40 group and multi-party actions, and have Steering Committee appointments; including for the first GDPR Group Litigation Order (GLO) case in England and Wales, the British Airways breach event.

As such, we don’t need to rely on marketing buzzwords or unfounded statements about who we are and what we do. Our experience speaks for itself, and we have fought hard for justice in some of the most infamous cases where confidential patient information has been exposed. This includes the 56 Dean Street Clinic leak of 2015 which is one of the worst when it comes to private medical data being leaked.

We represent thousands of clients and have recovered millions of pounds in damages across a wide range of data breach, consumer action and civil compensation cases. We’re often in the media talking about data breach law and big consumer cases as a go-to name for journalists. What this means for you is simple: you can trust in what we do. As things start to get a bit more confusing with more and more firms touting for business, we want to cut through the noise and just tell you about who we are and what we have done.

It’s always your choice when it comes to who you instruct to trust with your claim for data breach compensation. It’s good to know who you are dealing with, and we’ll always be honest and transparent about who we are and what we have achieved. The rest is up to you – but we’re here to help, and our advice is always available on a free and no-obligation basis.

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If you need advice about a data breach, leak or hack, we’re here for you. Our office is normally open from 9am to 10pm on most weeknights, and 9am to 5pm on weekends so we can be as accessible as we can for you.

Don’t worry, it’s our team you will speak to. We don’t outsource to call centres, and we don’t deal with claims management companies who take fees to pass claims to lawyers either. You come directly to us for a chat about your options, and that’s the way we believe it should be.

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We offer genuine No Win, No Fee agreements for our clients. Why we do this is simple:

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Our experience speaks for itself.
We will fight for your right to compensation.
Access to Justice
As a victim of a data breach or hack, you deserve your chance to get access to justice.
Risks Assessment
We carefully risk assess your case and take it on if we think we have a good chance of winning the claim.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy
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