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The Cornwall Council data breach was yet another email blunder where addresses and personal information was not masked in a mailshot

In the breach, an email about disabled children was sent to over 150 people relating to their max card scheme. The max card scheme is a scheme for discounts for foster families and families with disabled children.

In yet another email breach, the personal data and email addresses in the mailshot were exposed. Neither the BCC function or a mailing platform had been used to avoid the data breach. It may attract a GDPR-style fine given it took place after the new rules came into force.

155 recipients’ information displayed in Cornwall Council data breach

The information for the 155 recipients of the email was exposed in the Cornwall Council data breach. A further email was sent in efforts to recall the original, and a third one was sent with claims that the blunder wouldn’t happen again.

Understandably, a number of recipients of the email were unhappy. It has been another stark reminder about the dangers of councils having such personal and sensitive data about us. But in many cases, they need to have this information, and we need to trust that it’s safe.

The Cornwall Council data breach: a particularly sensitive incident

The Cornwall Council data breach was a particularly sensitive incident. It’s hard enough for families living with children with disabilities without having a data breach incident take place as well.

Many people don’t want information about their disabled children being public. Cornwall Council has breached the duty of trust that had been placed in them. This can undermine the trust in the often-sensitive services that they offer.

In a statement released in the wake of the Cornwall Council data breach, a spokesperson said:

“… a generic group email inviting people to apply for a discount card was sent to 155 residents. The email should have been blind copied, but unfortunately the email addresses were visible.”

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First published by Author on October 17, 2018
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