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Council data protection breaches are serious and highly sensitive

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Data protection breaches committed by councils / local authorities – or the companies they outsource work to – can be unfortunately common. We advise and represent a large volume of people who have been the victim of a data breach caused by their local council, so we understand how bad they can be.

The serious council data protection breaches can cause a lot of problems for the victims, and given the nature of data that local authorities often hold – these type of breaches can be very sensitive indeed.

Local authority services deal with some really sensitive data about us, which can include:

  • Sensitive medical information
  • Financial information
  • Sensitive domestic information (such as domestic abuse matters and sexual crime matters)
  • Criminal records / data

Because of the nature of the information they hold, a data leak or a data breach committed by a council can be serious. Whether its data that has been left unsecured or has been sent to the wrong person – or has been hacked – the consequences for victims can be severe.

Right now, our Data Leak lawyers are representing victims who have suffered serious data protection breaches caused by their local authority where the nature of the data leaked has caused severe distress and has even potentially put victims in real danger.

You’re not alone

If you ever look at the website for the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), you can see how often councils are embroiled in data protection matters.

Just last month, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council referred a “serious” data breach to regulators, with little detail released about exactly what has happened. The data at the centre of a council data breach can be so sensitive and so personal that they are unable to even disclose the details of what has happened at times.

For the victims, a data protection breach committed by a local authority, or a company they have outsourced work to, can be life-changing.

What can you do?

We’ve been advising and helping victims of council data leaks and data breaches for years.

We can help you too.

For free and confidential advice on an entirely no obligation basis, please call our team on 0800 634 75 75 today. Depending on when the breach or leak has happened, and depending on the nature of the information at the centre of your case, we may be able to offer you a No Win, No Fee service.

A lot of people remain unsure about their rights when it comes to claiming compensation for a data protection breach. Councils have an important duty to look after your data, so don’t suffer in silence.

Talk to us about your situation and we can guide you from there.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy.
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First published by Author on March 12, 2018
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