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Cyberattacks in the manufacturing sector

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A recent report on cybersecurity threats has indicated that cyberattacks in the manufacturing sector may be on the rise. According to the NTT Global Threat Intelligence Report, attacks on this industry rose by as much as 300% in 2020, with hackers reportedly taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic and increased remote working.

With such a significant rise in cyberattacks, this issue undoubtedly raises questions regarding how safely manufacturing companies are protecting private data, whether it relates to their clients, partners or employees. If companies are not imposing sufficient data protection measures or do not have adequate cybersecurity defences, they may be putting private information at risk.

Your Lawyers, as leading specialists in data protection compensation claims, are incredibly concerned about the potential human impact of manufacturing cyberattacks. We want to make sure that any victims of data breaches in this sector understand about their eligibility to claim. If you have had your data privacy compromised by a breach incident, you may be able to recover compensation for the harm caused. Always make sure to contact us for free, no-obligation advice regarding your case.

The threat of cyberattacks in the manufacturing sector

The rise in cyberattacks in the manufacturing sector could be an indication that hackers are finding such attacks more profitable. In particular, with ransomware attacks against manufacturing companies are the rise, companies must ensure that they are doing all they can to avoid a data breach event.

Ransomware can allow hackers to take control of entire systems and networks, and can cause huge operational costs for companies during the time in which they cannot access the systems. As manufacturing companies cannot usually sustain long periods of downtime, hackers may see them as more likely to give in to ransom payments.

What can victims do?

In the wake of cyberattacks in the manufacturing sector, victims should be notified that their data has been compromised or lost. If we believe that the company involved did not do enough to protect your information, you may be able to make a compensation claim.

This is because all data controllers must comply with the GDPR and make sure that they are protecting personal data with organisational and technical measures. Where they fail to do so, it can constitute a breach of data protection law, and this can allow a victim to be eligible to claim.

It does not always matter when a breach arises due to a cyberattack. The data controller may still bear ultimate responsibility for the exposure of personal information if they did not do enough to protect it.

Making a data breach claim

In a data breach claim, we can look to recover compensation for the distress you have suffered as a result of having your information compromised, as well as for any financial losses or expenses you may have been caused as a result. If you have been adversely affected by cyberattacks in the manufacturing sector, do not hesitate to contact us for free advice on your potential compensation case.

Your Lawyers – the Data Leak Lawyers – has developed a thorough knowledge of data breach claims over many years, having represented victims for privacy matters since 2014. We can offer our expert representation to eligible claimants on a No Win, No Fee basis, so you may be able to benefit from a risk-free case if you decide to instruct us.

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First published by Author on November 22, 2021
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