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Data breaches in 2019

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We’ve seen a number of data breaches in 2019, as well as developments in some of the high-profile cases that we’re involved with.

As the year comes to a close, it’s a time to reflect on the fact that there have been 4 billion records breached so far, according to Norton. This is despite the introduction of the GDPR last year that should have pushed organisations into ensuring that leaks, breaches and hacks are always at a minimum.

As the issue of data breaches continues to affect us all, it’s also important for the victims to know their rights when their personal information has been misused or exposed.

Should we be surprised by data breaches in 2019?

In some respects, we ought to be surprised with the volume of data breaches in 2019.

When the GDPR was introduced last year, the duty for organisations to protect the data that they store and process was highlighted in a way that it had never been highlighted before. We now have greater awareness of the duties organisations have, as well as the rights for victims. The introduction of the changes in law ought to have been a real catalyst for change, yet the number of cases we’re taking forward is increasing.

We’re now involved with a staggering number of group and multi-party actions; over 30 in total! This is aside from the thousands of people that have come forward and asked for our help for individual legal cases as well.

What needs to change?

If the growing number of events and the number of data breaches in 2019 is anything to go by, it’s clear to us that changes need to be made.

We have seen provisional fines from the ICO issued at record-setting levels: BA being hit with a £183m fine and Marriott facing a £99m fine. BA is also facing compensation pay-outs that could total an estimated £3bn as part of the Group Action that we’re on the Steering Committees for as well.

In short, the costs of having to deal with the fallout of a data breach can be monumental. This ought to be enough of a deterrent for organisations to make sure that they invest in proper cybersecurity and put in place protocols and procedures to ensure that data is not leaked or misused. That’s the key change: investment.

The rights for victims

Those who have fallen victim to data breaches in 2019 and before can be entitled to make a claim for compensation with us. We can also offer No Win, No Fee representation.

Whether you wish to join one of the dozens of group and multi-party actions we’re fighting for justice in, or need help with an individual case, you can speak to our team for a free, no-obligation chat today.

Data breach compensation amounts can be significant when particularly personal and sensitive data is exposed or misused. The distress that victims can suffer from can be severe, which is why our work is so important when we flight for their rights for justice.

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First published by Matthew on December 16, 2019
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